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April 4th 2006
Published: April 8th 2006
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Apex Black History MuseumApex Black History MuseumApex Black History Museum

The front of the Museum, rely worth a visit.
The ride on the greyhound bus from Orlando to Atlanta was some what eventful; one man got thrown off the bus for being rude to the driver and then proceeded to throw stones at the bus; one man behind us had just got out of jail and was telling some great stories; a woman kept going on about how she was ex military and told lots of horrible stories about Iraq; at one rest break the police had to be called as there was no room on the bus and the people waiting to board were understandable angry; one man started an argument with some other man just because he looked at him! Then the ex military woman was threatening to snap the man that kicked off into four pieces. So the journey was nothing like one I had ever taken before.

We arrived late to the Hostel. It was a nice place, an old large Victorian building. The staff were very friendly and helpful. Also met quite a few nice people there. Shame we didnt stay for longer really In the morning, after being equipped with a map and directions, we walked into the centre to have a look around. Then after lunch in a massive underground food court we walked down Auburn Avenue in search of the Martin Luther King district. On the way we found the Apex Black History Museum, entrance was only $4! This Museum was very insightful about Black History, in particular about the slave trade, inventions and the history of the street and the part it played. Lots of objects invented by Black Americans were not allowed, by the government, to be patented under the inventors name. Just to mention a few examples shown were: the horse shoe, ice cream mold, golf tee, letter box, traffic signals, street sweeper, roller coaster, guitar, lemon squeezer, kitchen table, wrench, window cleaner, programmable TV remote. They show a 20 min video here which was very educational. I would recommend anyone who is visiting Atlanta to visit the museum.

When we found the area devoted to MLK we entered the Visitor centre and watched another video about Black history, more focussed on MLK though. They have some very educational and moving displays and video clips in the centre. I am so glad that I was not living in this era. I think that the majority of people brought up with today’s values would find it hard to understand the extent of the inequality that was common place only forty years ago or less. We also visited MLK’s and his supportive wife’s grave, which are just across the street from the centre. Again I would recommend a visit to this area of Atlanta.

Over all I really enjoyed this place, On to Richmond....

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Mounted PoliceMounted Police
Mounted Police

Police in part of the Centre of Atlanta, do not fancy trying to run form them!!!!

9th April 2006

Real life movie!
Going on a grehound bus is like a ...!!!
9th April 2006

Indeed, running form them is hard. Also running when the horses are in form in the national is hard too.

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