Perigee Full Moon, 2011

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March 20th 2011
Published: March 20th 2011
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1: The moon at night 97 secs

The celestial event as viewed in this part of the globe

My boyfriend and I got out early to play frisbee at the park before sunset, then grabbed our camera gear and set up near an old stately house. His camera was able to include the house. My camera, a simpler point-and-shoot, couldn't handle the sky for that, so unfortunately I cannot post anything that dramatic.

Interesting to note that some film students were out in the fields with a light meter when we arrived at the park; and judging from the over-baked screams and shouts of "NO....GET AWAY FROM ME!!" that we heard on towards sunset and dark, I think it's safe to say they were filming a werewolf flick. Good fun.

Hope you enjoy the (subpar) pics and the possibly amusing footage of our efforts.


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