Travels with Snowbirds Monday January 21 Thousand Trails Preserve Wauchula FL

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January 21st 2013
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Travels with Snowbirds Monday January 21 Thousand Trails Wauchula FL

The One About Entering The Sewer Lottery

I seemed to have fallen into a routine I hate. I wake up at 5:30 am having to go to the bathroom so bad I don't think I will make it 8 feet to the toilet. By the time I am done, having clearly set an indoor record, I know I need to locate the TV remote hidden in the blankets. I am now very wide awake. I look for something very boring on TV, like jewelry TV (would you believe JTV is available on the air antenna??) I need the boredom and the noise to fall back to sleep. I fall back to sleep after a fashion, and Winston wakes me up between 7:30 and 8. I feel drugged. I need this cycle to stop. I am almost thinking of getting up at 5:30 to break it. Perhaps tomorrow.

I took a medium long shower in my rig knowing I would have sewer today. Despite the weather forecast for a cloudy but no rain day, it started to pour at 10. I asked Ginnie to drive me to the rec hall at 11 so I could take advantage of the free wifi and sync all my electronics, and that worked just fine. Ginnie met me there at noon for the start of the sewer lottery. The unnamed Preserve worker (UPW) put 13 sites on the list that would be available at 1:00. We checked to see what our position was on the list. 20. there were 13 sites available. it did not look good for us to get one. We wrote the numbers down, and drove around and checked them all out. There was only one that was unacceptable, being too short and twisted for either of us to fit into. At 1:00 all those interested in getting a sewer site met again on the front porch. UPW called off 5 names, and no one answered. A few got called and selected, then another few with no response. Our hopes were greatly elevated. Then UPW called Ginnie, and she selected C20.

Oh, Lordy, it was my turn. On the list was one remaining site I had written GREAT against as well as others with no comment. I took a stab and said D32. We quickly hopped in the car and drove around, and Ginnie's spot was a nice big wide flat one out in the open. Surprise, surprise, mine was only 4 sites away, on the end of a row, big enough and easy enough for me to get the new rig into!! The gods are smiling thru the rain drops. Just as we got back to the lower 40 the rain stopped. I didn't have to stow anything, just wrapped it up, threw it on the back of the rig or on the couch, and took off for my home for the next 2 weeks. An easy back in and I realized I was not level at all. Being level makes it easier to sleep, take a shower, and generally walk in the rig. I break out my leveling blocks, position them, drive up on them with PERFECT results. I plugged in my electricity, then tried to do the water, and my hose was too short. I needed to reposition in the campsite. FRAK!!! Unhook everything again, move 5 feet back, try the water hose, move the leveling blocks, and finally I was done.

It was 2:20. I turned on ABC for General Hospital which was preempted for the inauguration. another FRAK. Ok, hook up the sewer. Get out my hose, attach it to the appropriate opening, grab the other end and stretch it to reach the hole in the ground, and it breaks at the opening. Expletive deleted. I go to to Ginnie's, she has extra hoses. I took her 2, one too short, the other way too long, but surely useable. Hooked that sucker up, and let her leaked. Expletive deleted. I slowed down the flow since the leak was on the top and that worked. I could not continue. I was frazzled. No wonder. 2:45 and no lunch. I remedied that with a quick PBJ and a glass of milk.

Next I did other things that I would normally do for a long stay, but not too much since I go get the new one on Thursday. I looked around and realized that there was an empty campsite right next to me. I don't know why I hadn't seen it before, and it was not on the lottery list. Just then Kathy E called, she was driving in and looking for us. She unhooked her car and pulled into C30, and went to the office to tell them she was in the site.....that they didn't even know was available. She was able to avoid the lottery because any unselected site is available after 3:00 on a first come first serve basis. She really won on that rule!!!

Hugs, laughs, happy hour in the nice big spot between our rigs, and Ginnie brought her next door neighbor. More laughs. Then Ginnie volunteered to make spaghetti for dinner, wonderful. A very very nice treat. We did not make campground bingo, all were way too tired.

I am not a happy camper with my Lazy Days Salesman today. I called him just to confirm envy thing was on track for Thursday, confirmed that he was working, left him a voice message, and did not hear back from him. Expletive deleted. I will track him down tomorrow. I hate car automotive sales people. Lousy customer service.

Kat out


22nd January 2013

camp sites
OMG aren't we glad that we dont have to many days like this...

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