Travels with Snowbirds Saturday January 19, 2013 FRVTA Rally, Tampa, FL

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January 19th 2013
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Travels with Snowbirds Saturday January 19, 2013 FRVTA Rally, Tampa FL

I can see that my experiment typing on my iPad and transferring to travelblog did not put in any carriage returns. No new paragraphs. I entered some, but not enough. So sorry. I am tired. Xxxox

The One About The New RV

Today I am trying something new....typing this on my iPad. Not sure how it will work, but I will give it a try.I was anxious to get to the show this morning, I wanted to get back to talk to Joe of Lazy Days to talk more $$ about the rig I am interested in. On my way out Ginnie noticed the people from AalBrite-the RV washers and waxers. I hired them to wash and wax my rig, $8/foot, very very cheap; they did it last year and did an awesome job. Ginnie hired them to do hers as well, as did her cousin, Malcolm. I put Winston in his crate, and marched over to get my free donut and spend some money.

Salesman Joe worked some numbers, told him I was not happy with what they were offering on trade for my Spirit as I just put new tires and battery in it, and was getting it washed and waxed as we spoke. He upped his offer on my trade almost enough to cover. It was then I discovered that there were 2 of the same rigs there; I looked at the other one, and I liked the color combination better. Not a problem, change a few numbers. See the business manager. Golly I hate that whole process, but he was patient with me. I called my used car guru, son Tim, he gave me some encouragement, and I signed the papers. Gasp.I am now almost the owner of a Winnebago Vista 26HE. Winnebago makes the Itasca I was looking at also, but the Vista was nicer and these people were easier to deal with. I had a problem 2 years ago trying to buy a used Class C from Lazy Days, and I trashed them all over the Internet, and wrote a scathing letter to the manager at the time after they sold the unit out from under my feet. I told salesman Joe and Manager Ken and Business Manager Joe, of my issue; they really were handling me with kid gloves. At this point I had to get back 'home' and let Winston out of his cage and put some shorts on. AND tell the washer/waxers NOT to wax and they charged me $40 to just wash. Already saving money. Ginnie and I went back WITH WINSTON. A little more negotiation and number clarification and I own it. Quick!!! Get the SOLD sign up!!! I have some pictures on my phone and will post them to Facebook when I can. Using my mobile hotspot to transfer pictures really chews up the gigabytes. You can look yourself at

search for the Vista 26HE and check it out.

I needed a drink. I wanted a cigarette. Both cause my heart to Flip, and have not really indulged in either since August. But I needed to calm down. I had to stop at the Camping World booth to claim my prize, and while I was asking directions, Winston picked up his leg to pee on a flower pot and hit a lady's leg. That has to be one of the most embarrassing moments of my life. I offered to pour my water over her leg and white capris and she was more gracious than I would have been and ran off to the ladies room. She was laughing. I was running away. I claimed my Camping World baseball cap prize and hurried 'home' poured some red wine into my fresh squeezed orange juice, added some mashed strawberries, grubbed a cigarette from the washer/waxer guys, and collapsed. Then I got giddy, and sent a picture to my kids and John. Reality has sunk in. I now own a Class A. I will be able to enjoy it on the rest of my road trip. And Winston peed on a lady's leg. Lazy Days is in Seffner, FL, a suburb of Tampa. I am going to be in Wauchula for the next 2 weeks, about 60 miles south. Lazy Days will relocate it from the show to their lot and prep it. I made an appointment to pick it up Thursday. I will leave as much stuff at my campsite as I can. (Chairs, rug grill, firewood) drive the 60 miles to Seffner, give them some money, call the insurance company, and go park in their delivery campground. The rigs will be parked door to door and I will throw my old cruddy stuff into my bright shiny new rig. They will assign a staff member to go over every item inside and out. I will sleep in the Vista. Friday morning I will take a driving class at their on site course which has every obstacle known to man and learn how to deal with each and every one. I will drive back to Wauchula Friday afternoon. I can stay in the delivery campground 3 nights, but don't think I will need it. I will be very anxious to get back to show off my new rig to Ginnie and Kathy (who arrives in FL on Monday.) (Note to Kathy. I was not able to buy the hose or cable connectors. The vendor was there but they had new gadgets. Nothing we wanted; I was sure you wouldn't either.)I am drained. I am still sipping on my wine and strawberries, ate left over tuna pasta salad, and am catching up on TV on my iPhone (Last Resort, Nashville) and did not have the energy to walk to the pavilion for the evening's entertainment. I just want to vege out.

Kat out


20th January 2013

waiting delivery
I'll be happy to help you nest in your new digs, or whatever else I can do. Kathy

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