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November 19th 2006
Published: November 20th 2006
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Gearin' up to swim away from this desolate little island, flippers and all.

And can I say, thank goodness for hitching rides with willing mothers .... I'm so broke I don't know that I could afford the gas to get out of our driveway. (Not to worry though, I've got money tied up in traveller's cheques just waiting to be pushed into the hands of little thai children peddling durian ice cream).

So I will be stopping over the hills at grandmother's house before I actually spread my wings on Wednesday (we'll be driving over monday afternoon if anyone has some spare time and wants to chat ... I'll have my cell on) ... pay my respects to the family before I disappear in the abyss of the unknown - apparently there are concerns I'm going to fall in love with a foreigner and have little foreigner babies and never want to come home ever again. Let me just quiet those real fast. Although expatriatism does sound a bit glorious .......... nah, I'll be back - if for nothing else to get my Gouda. 😊

Anyway ... I may squeeze one more shout out in somewhere, but I think this is it - next time I write it'll be from the other side of the world.

Whooooa, right?
(ha, silly stoners.)


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