Pine Island Revisited

Published: January 28th 2014
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Leoma's Mobile Art UnitLeoma's Mobile Art UnitLeoma's Mobile Art Unit

This woman isn't too creative! Right?
The directions for the KOA RV Park here on Pine Island read something like "turn left at the four - way stop and follow along until you see the KOA sign on the left side!" If you see the 3 mile sign you went too far! PI has no traffic lights, no real beach, no condos, no mini golf, no water park, no traffic, and few people! It has great art galleries, great funky shops, great musicians, great restaurants, great people, and great events! It's ideal! Friday night's pizza party with live music and dancing at the KOA Club House cost $6.50 for a pizza with three toppings. We could have brought a cooler; but wine and beer were available for purchase.

Admission to "A Taste of Pine Island" was $5 each and included tasting samples of chowder for the best chowder on the island contest (a chili contest next day. $16 got us 16 oz. Tevis tumblers filled with a fab orange juice/ papaya/ spiced rum punch (refills $4) at the Kiwanis' booth!

As ever we couldn't resist a stop at the Matlacha arts district. Leoma Lovegrove's gallery and garden are fab as always
Marmelade Skies Marmelade Skies Marmelade Skies

Leoma is a big Beatles fan! Familiar lyrics appear often on her colorful paintings!
and Great Licks pleased - homemade vanilla with mango habanero topping from me. Berries on red raspberry for Wes!

The RV park sponsored a field trip; supplying their Big Red Bus ($5/person) for a Tour Boat Cruise aboard one of the Kingfisher Fleet's boats out of Fishermen's Village, Punta Gorda. We had some time to poke around the wharf shops and grab lunch before boarding (boat ride about $19/person). No dolphin; but nice commentary about Charlotte Harbor, seeing some sights that can only be viewed from the water and an all-round great day!

Extracurricular activities at the KOA RV Park include full breakfasts for $5 on weekend mornings; an evening poker game that Wes is relishing, and an exercise program at 7:30am that I enjoy! No fee for the exercise class!

We’re here on Pine Island through most of February! The weather is grand and we’re glad to be back! See more photos after the jump!

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The Home of the Doll Lady of MatlachaThe Home of the Doll Lady of Matlacha
The Home of the Doll Lady of Matlacha

This is an iconic Matlacha private home.
Young Steel Drummer!Young Steel Drummer!
Young Steel Drummer!

Taste of Pine Island was very grass rootsy - not too crowded - very representative of the Island and all it has to offer!
Vote For Your Fav Vote For Your Fav
Vote For Your Fav

The chowder cups were color coded, we voted by putting a ticket in the corresponding color "crown."
The Kingfisher Fleet!The Kingfisher Fleet!
The Kingfisher Fleet!

This is the boat we took for a 1 1/2 hour tour of Charlotte Harbor. No dolphins were spotted today; but we had a grand time.
Colorful MatlachaColorful Matlacha
Colorful Matlacha

So, a whitewashed mannequin, a flying fish, a colorfully decorated travel trailer, a passel of Saratoga Water bottles (great at night as the bottoms are rimmed with fluorescent paint, and Leoma Lovegrove's colorfully decorated gallery. Ah, Matlacha, the entrance to Pine Island!
Got Canal?Got Canal?
Got Canal?

Would just love a little house and a big boat on one of the canals! This one is right behind Lovegrove Gallery!
Trail Head Pine Island Flatland PreserveTrail Head Pine Island Flatland Preserve
Trail Head Pine Island Flatland Preserve

The Lee County Park System is extensive. Bike Paths, Walking Trails, a Heated Pool on Pine Island and more are on tap at little or no charge!
Joanne at the Taste of Pine IslandJoanne at the Taste of Pine Island
Joanne at the Taste of Pine Island

We tasted three chowders - delish - hard to decide which to vote for!
Dead Tree Colorful Palm!Dead Tree Colorful Palm!
Dead Tree Colorful Palm!

So, if your tree dies; get some plastic flowers and tape them artistically to the bare branches. And, if your palm tree is same-o, same-o fuschia it up with a little paint. It goes so well with the chartreuse siding. Me thinks artist Leoma Lovegrove had a hand in this!

28th January 2014

nifty shindig
Have a new claimed horse at Gulfstream. If you are down here, call us at 5188791057
28th January 2014

Will Think About That!
Is Gulfstream near Miami or Tampa? We will be in Tampa later on in the season! Nice to hear from you.
28th January 2014

Pine Island
Glad you are enjoying Pine Island again. We have friends who lived there until the big storm a few years back. It is a lovely area.
28th January 2014

Awesome Travels yet again
Pine Island looks just great!! We so enjoy the blog.. Have a great time.. Doc has bagged his plan to go to Fla. and is saving for that trip in October/November.. I will be visiting Cathie the last week in March in Bradenton..Keep in me
28th January 2014

Hope to see you at the 50th next year!
29th January 2014

Geri ???
Wow, how cool to connect with you! When is reunion?
28th January 2014

Pining for Pine Island
We've never been there, but it sounds and looks interesting...and warm!

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