Pensacola Beaches

Published: April 13th 2010
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Sand Island LighthouseSand Island LighthouseSand Island Lighthouse

This lighthouse stands out in Mobile Bay and is visible from the distance from the Fort Morgan Ferry to Dauphin Island, Alabama.
The Ride from Top Sail throutgh Pensacola to the Dolphin Island Ferry took us past places we had been to before and held a few nice surprises; namely that an area that had been so devasted by Katrina that a 12 mile stretch of road along the beaches had finally re-opened, and the seemingly underpromoted but well developed resort communities along Alabama's Gulf Coast!

I keep forgetting to mention SHOPPING; mostly because we don’t shop much when on vaca. However, just about every brand in the USA has an outlet between Route 30A and Destin. There is definietly something for mama to do while papa is playing golf or fishing and the kiddies are at a waterslide park or playing mini golf.

We didn’t stop in Destin this time; previous blogs have information on the waterside dining and great oyster. Destin is a family place with pirate themed day cruises, dune buggies for rent, mini golf, theatres, etc. The beach, like most Panhandle beaches, is superb from here all the way to Pensacola and beyond.

Friends did a historic tour of Pensacola and we'll try that some other time based on their recommendation. For this trip
Beach from Navare to PensacolaBeach from Navare to PensacolaBeach from Navare to Pensacola

The road had been totally closed for 3 years after hurricane Katrina.
we went from Pensacola (where we had once blogged about the Naval Air Base) we passed into Alabama and some pretty real estate Perridol Key, Orange Beach, and Gulf Shores to name a few. This area is called “Floribama.” The sobriquet is apt when you consider the beautiful beaches and vigorous development.

We hear that Gulf Shores and the quaint village of Fairview would be great stops next time.

We are appreciative of our Magellan GPS; but still have a map handy!


16th June 2010

BP Oil Spill
These are the beaches, so compromised by the oil well explosion - we feel for the wildlife and the environment AND especially the people whose livilihoods are so affectec by this disaster.

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