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June 13th 2011
Published: June 13th 2011EDIT THIS ENTRY

I so look forward to the end of weekends at Disney World. No more crowds. No more walking. No more stupid cartoon characters. No more stupid long lines. No more overpriced everythings.
We checked out of the hotel Sunday around 10am and headed straight for the Magic Kingdom. Took the ferry across the lake since the line for the monorail was stupidly long. Got thru the entrance pretty quickly though. Stopped at a bakery along Main st USA for breakfast. I had the nastiest ham, egg, & cheese croissant I have ever tasted. From there we went straight to Splash Mountain where we got fast passes for about 12:40. Then we back tracked to Jungle Cruise and Pirates of the Caribbean. By the time we finished with Pirates, it was time for Splash Mountain. The wife decided she didnt want to go, so the kid and I did it without her. I do love walking past all the people standing in line.
The wife met us as we came off the ride and we stopped at Pecos Bills for lunch. While I ordered the food, the wife and kid went and found us a table. Finding a table at those places is probably the worst part of any Disney park. My and kid have gotten good at grabbing a table up. I always feel bad for the families with a dozen kids roaming around with their food trying to find a place to sit down. But it doesnt stop me from also laughing at them while I stuff my taco salad in my face. They should have thought ahead.
My kid studied the American Presidents quite a bit this past year. I think that made him want to check out the Hall of President at Disney. So we went there after we ate. It's always a great break from the heat, and I actually enjoy it. My kid surprisingly seemed to like it also. We did the Haunted Mansion after the Presidents. I didnt know Disney had changed the entrance up a little. You can now walk straight in like always, or, there is a path to the right that takes you around to crap you can take pictures of, and with, and whatever, I didnt feel like the extra walking so I havent seen it. My wife and kid on the other hand did go back and check it out after we rode the ride.
From the Haunted Mansion we went into fantasyland and didnt ride a single thing. Our only stop was at an ice cream stand. We just kept walking right on thru to Tommorowland where we rode the people mover and decided all the other lines were longer than our patience. So bid adieu to the Magic Kingdom. Took the monorail out and walked to our car since it was closer to the entrance than the where the tram would have dropped us off in the parking lot.
I drove us over Disneys Marketplace where we did some shopping and after a 20 minute wait had dinner at Fultons Crab House. Due to their completely retarded prices, we all made meals out of appetizers and soups. The wife and I had Lobster Bisque with crab bits. My kid had their Clam Chowder. I also had Conch Fritters, the kid had Calamari, and the wife had Fish Tacos. None of it was all that great.
After dinner we lit up the road for home. Cruise control was set at 85 and I was able to keep it there all just about the whole way and made it home under 2 hours.
So thats it. Disney just being Disney. I'm glad its over for now.
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