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January 1st 2013
Published: January 2nd 2013
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Hello everyone!

As I'm sure most of you already know, we're starting out this new year in a new location. The Air Force has up and moved us again. This is our third address together since we got married a bit over two years ago. This one, though, has a few perks that Dayton, Ohio didn't have.

We'll be spending the next two years in Panama City, Florida.We're living in Mexico Beach, which a very small town on the "Forgotten Coast." We chose to live in this tiny town as opposed to in Panama City itself, and I think we made the right call. We live about a half mile from the beach in a town where you don't have to lock up your bike (I asked - they laughed at me and my silly northern ideas).

We also live right on the edge of a time zone, which is something that's been a bit tricky to get used to. We live in the first town in Central Standard Time, but the next town over (about 12 miles down the road) is in the Eastern time zone. This means that my zumba class is advertised at 11am, but is actually at 10am for me. Or if you want to order a pizza and the restaurant closes at 9pm, you'd better be heading out the door by 7:30 in order to get there before they close up.

Other things I'm adjusting to:

-having to speak more slowly because my usual fast talking often gets me blank stares

-checking the expiration dates of EVERYTHING I buy. Turns out healthy cooking hasn't really caught on here yet, so IF you can find something whole grain, reduced fat, or slightly exotic (that's a big IF), chances are good it's been on the shelves for a very long time. I've already bought a few things that are past their prime, so now I'm extra vigilant. On the other hand, I've learned that there are far more types of cornmeal, grits, and pig parts than I ever realized...

-mail taking ages to get here (or out of here). Our tiny post office is actually in a storage unit, and everything has to be routed through the next town over before it can get here. The post office is also minimally staffed (a married couple and their bird, Butterscotch do everything), and postage is handwritten on a package until it can make its way to Port St. Joe for an actual postage sticker. I apologize in advance if your birthday cards show up weeks late. 😊

We are planning to stay put for a crazy trips planned for us for the time being as Chris' schedule doesn't allow for an extended vacation. Instead, I'm collecting ideas for things to do more locally once the weather gets warmer, including parasailing, fishing charters, scalloping, snorkeling with manatees, and maybe a long weekend in New Orleans or Miami.

Best wishes for 2013!

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2nd January 2013

Life in Florida!
Hi Kate, Nice to hear that you have a new address in the sunny south! I have been to Panama City too. It is nice but a lot different from southern Fl. It must be a real eye opener for you & Chris. You are right about having to slow down when you are speaking to the average person in that area! Also loved your insight on healthy eating and expired foods down there. Hang in there, it will be a real experience for you! Steve and I are in Ft. Myers for the winter, or will be on Sat. Had enough cold and snow for one year! Give us a call if you get down to our area in your travels! 239-689--1860. Chris
2nd January 2013
celebrating New Year's Eve in two time zones

Great hearing about what is going on. enjoy. love you. aunt patty
2nd January 2013

Kate, I enjoyed your blog-now I understand about the time difference. What is Panama City like, are there stores for shopping, restaurants etc. and how far are you from the real world? Love you, Aunt Marie
2nd January 2013

Great Blog
Hi Kate, I love the blog - neat idea and layout. Keep the posts coming. The panhandle is a beautiful area (!) and I hope that you and Chris enjoy your time there. Happy New Year! Marietta

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