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May 2nd 2019
Published: May 2nd 2019
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Happy May Day....a day late! We’ve been on the go. Hope you haven’t missed a step keeping up with us. You probably thought we had fallen into a slump and were chained to our RV’s. WRONG! There’s always a few odds and ends that require housekeeping chores here at the ranch. Plus, Lulu needs here beauty rest to remain as glamorous as she is. She continues to catch the eyes of gigolos. She sometimes thinks she needs to wear a mask to hid her beauty from these seducing eyes. We can understand this, can’t we?

The other day, the ocean air was calling to us. “The sea was angry that day my friends.” Hah! Just kidding. It was a beautiful day when all of us drove along on the highway to the waters edge. We went to and through Melbourne, Melbourne Beach, Patrick’s Air Force Base, Cocoa Beach, Port Canaveral (and Jetty Park). The surroundings near the ocean seems so inviting and special. It has such a unique feel. Lulu rode with her head out the window with the sea spray blowing freely through her tiny, stubble locks. She pursed her ruby red lips as the salty air chapped them.

With our GPS, we found a restaurant we had been searching for at Port Canaveral. Our good friends, Mike & MJ, had taken us here before and we thought it was wonderful. Again, we found it just the same: wonderful! It is called Grills Tiki Bar. It is right on the water. We could watch the cruise ships go out. We were right at the spot where the fishing folks returned with their catch of the day. They had fish cutter men who prepared the fish for them. Some fishermen did their own. Folks gathered around to watch this procedure. The biggest group that was there were the pelicans. They filled the waters below with their big, droopy bills and fuzzy looking feathers. Some perched on the covered roof of this cutting station. The dropped down over the side and waited for a morsel to be tossed directly to them. If they didn’t get any fast enough, they would reach way down and try to snatch a dollop off the cutting surface. Greedy Devils. We witnessed the fishing boats as they were lifted ashore by a huge crane that carried the boat over to an enormous storage building. It looked like a parking garage....for boats! We sat out on the deck where we could watch all of this happening. Our food was top notch. On the other side of the restaurant was a terrific band playing. A huge crowd was gathered there. We noticed some of you dancing like no one was watching...but we were. When they played/sang the song “Shout”, those of you who are Buffalo Bills fans really went nuts. “🎼🎼🎼You make me want to shout!🎼🎼🎼”. This place was hopping. If in the area or want a day trip.....try’ll really like it!

Remember back when we went to Cheddar’s on “Pot Pie Day”? We ate one at the restaurant and they gave us a free one to take home. ‘member? Sandy & I decided we should have our pot pie party yesterday. We sat under our crowded (with junk) canopy and toasted our friendship with Sam & Sandy’s favorite Australian wine. Cheers! “There are good ships and wood ships but the best ships are friendships”! Yeah! Our pot pies were tasty!

Sandy had her birthday last week. ‘member? One of her daughter’s and family sent her beautiful flowers. Because they did not arrive exactly on her birthday, the flower company sent her another huge bunch of posies! Wow! Double Wow! Flower power! I added the wreath of flowers to her picture to make her look like a real flower girl! Bee-You-Tea-Full! B-U-T-Full. Not matter how you write it, that’s the perfect description of Sandy. I keep telling her I’m going to take her to the carnival and have the barker guy try and guess her age. He won’t be able to do it! We shall win all the prizes. Yippee! We are going...soon, very soon. Want to come along? Happy Birthday, again, Sandy!

We are keeping track of the new Sandcastles arriving here at Tropical Palms. Eight have been delivered and placed in the compound and along the outer edge of the Sandcastles while the grounds are prepared for their placement. Hey! Today we see a ninth cottage placed at the very end of the stretch designated for these cottages. It’s across from a Linda & Joe’s cottage in front of the big fence. We spoke with Karen regarding this. She said the one cottage that is almost a light avocado color (setting in Jeff & Judy’s old site) doesn’t belong here. It is being removed today. We still can’t figure out how some of these cottages are two bedrooms....they are all the same size! Curious minds want to know. Karen to the rescue! She gave us the layout plans for the one bedroom & 2 bedroom cottages. No more wondering....whew! Such a relief! Our minds were getting exhausted. Thanks, Karen.

On our golf cart rides around our park, we always look for the 2 alligators in the pond. No luck these past few checks. No problem, we all had $10.00 tickets to go to Gatorland that we bought a couple years ago at the Snowbird Extravaganza in Lakeland. Gatorland satisfied our searching for alligators. Unbelievable! They have thousands of ‘gators. We watched the alligator wrestling show, rode the train and walked along the mating marsh. Little Lulu was so excited to be here. She wasn’t nervous at all knowing I would keep her safe and away from the mouths of the alligators. She would be a mighty scrumptious treat for those reptiles. I’m always in awe of the thousands of Egret birds who build their skimpy nests in trees in these alligator infested waters. They said they do this cause the gators keep away predators but one missed step of a baby bird in its nest.... CHOMP!...they become gator food! Noooooooo. We have been to Gatorland before but they have enlarged it with new adventures to do. They have a monster truck vehicle that take you out into the wetlands and through a pond of alligators. Keep you hands and feet inside the vehicle! Big Lulu would not have had a problem with this.....we know you know why. We were going to try this bumpy ride but the next available time was hours away. Next time! We checked out other animals in this well manicured park before heading onward for lunch.

News Flash!! We have found a brand new restaurant. It is called Metro Diner. It is located at The Loop in the area of Publix. It is a chain but just opened in our area yesterday. Big menu and reasonable rates: breakfast, lunch & dinner. You can google the details and menu. Cory & Sandy had a “double” BLT with fries, I had chicken tenders with fries and coleslaw, Sam had 1/2 ham & cheese sandwich with loaded potato soup. Everything was very good with large servings! You are going to like it!

Well, now that we have satisfied your gastric cravings, it’s time to close for now. It’s good we did a lot of hiking throughout Gatorland to compensate for the food we devoured. We still are here for a couple more weeks so don’t put your sunscreen away. We aren’t done yet! Lots of things still to see & do.....always including you on these excursions. BURP! Excuse me! Filled to the brim at the Metro Diner. Lots of photos this time...46! You have do a lot of scrolling and going to 2 additional pages.

P.S. Update! Hate to end on a sad note but I have no choice. Cory, Sandy and I walked up next to the condo units called Regal Oaks. Two ducks were sitting in the mist from the lawn sprinkler. I couldn’t tell if they had droplets of water or tears on their faces. Cory said they had a nest in the area but today he observed big, nasty vultures hanging overhead! You know what that means! Goodbye little duckling eggs. Sniff, sniff. Hiss to the vultures! We continued walking up along the wall and found another duck sitting on her nest of eggs. Stay strong, Lady Duck! OMG! Now we are watching as a lawn crew starts throwing mulch along these bushes where she and her nest are located. STOP! None of them speak English. I tried bringing up my translator app on my Ipad but it said I had no internet connection, I’m am frantically poking at it like a hungry hen. Finally, one man arrives who speaks English. We tell him the situation and show him Mother Duck. He understands and said they will work very carefully around her. We can only pray.

Our sadness does not end here. Our delightful and faithful bobbing flamingo lawn ornament has been severed in half. Ewwww! Yes, Pinky is dead. Broken in half just like a magic act that went horribly wrong. Whhyyyyyyy? Well, she had developed a crack across her body that Cory glued the other day. We had bad wind gusts yesterday. Obviously they were too strong for her crippled body. The wind must have ripped her in half. Nooooooo! Dr. Cory is going to try to do some plastic surgery on her. We can only pray she can recover to take her stand outside our RV again. Lulu is beyond consoling with this crisis.

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The view from our tableThe view from our table
The view from our table

Cruise ship heading past
Lifting the fishing boats out of the waterLifting the fishing boats out of the water
Lifting the fishing boats out of the water

Storing the boats in their “parking garage.”

2nd May 2019

Keep up the "Real news" Always a good read !
2nd May 2019

Will do!
Keep on, an awning ( not anyone we know) flew up over their RV. They had to call a serviceman on an emergency call to fix it....$$$$$.

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