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January 9th 2019
Published: January 10th 2019
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SURPRISE!! Yes, we had a couple delightful surprises pop up along our travels. Surprises are long as they are good surprises. Not like Lulu’s latest surprise she gave us....her smoking practice! We are still dealing with that crisis. She can be so troublesome at times.

Last Sunday, Sam & Cory decided they wanted to see the football game inside where it was warm. A cool spell had descended upon us (low 70’s). I hear your remarks Northerners. The four of us walked up to Frogger’s Sports bar at Old Town. TV’s galore. We thought the place would be packed but it wasn’t. We had our choice of table and TV’s. Their Sunday special was a 16” Pizza for $9.98. Sounds good to us. Pizza was tasty....plenty of cheese if you like lots of cheese. We had to scrape some off....don’t want to get bound up, you know. Sandy & I played on our electronic devices while the men hooted and hollered about the football game. I watch the Buffalo Bill’s football games (for what that’s worth). Their games are enough for me....Cory loves them all. I think Sam does, also. Sandy doesn’t care for any of them. As we were leaving, Ray came by our table. He’s the only person we saw that we knew up there.

Wandering down through Old Town, we discovered the reason for the thousands of cars parked and driving all around the place. We were surprised to see a major festival was going on. They were celebrating “Three Kings Day”. All of Old Town was packed....lots of kids. Most everyone was speaking Spanish. Yo no hablo español....except for a few words. Once back to our park neighborhood, we saw Melba (our neighbor) outside her place. The perfect person to ask what Three Kings Day was. She was originally from Puerto Rico. She explained it is a Latino festival, highly celebrated in Puerto Rico. She says it represents the “Three Kings” returning to see Jesus. It occurs on January 6 and commemorates the visit of the Magi to the Christ Child and the revelation of God the Son as a human being. They bring more gifts. At the homes of the celebrants, the children fill boxes with grass to feed the camels. They get more gifts on this day. There is a fancy cake called a King’s cake (Rosca De Reyes) that is served on this special day. Google this celebration so you get the full explanation of it. I just hit the high points that I could remember. It looked like a very happy and fun time. At Old Town, they had a singer and band, dancing and kids receiving free gifts and free food. Lulu was not with us to partake in this festival. Not gifts for her...not even grass in a box! She is being punished for her latest activity: smoking! Hey, maybe she’s smoking grass! We haven’t even considered that. Help us all!

Monday..Monday. Can you remember what’s so special about Monday? I’m sure you can. Search way back in your memory bank. Monday is Webster Day. The mega flea market we all have attended in Webster, Florida. Sam & Sandy leave earlier than we do. We don’t care if we are the early birds anymore. You all seem to be satisfied to take the late bus. We relented and let Lulu join all of us. She said she would cut back on the number of cigarettes she smokes in a day. It was a comfortable day: blue skies, temperature in the 70’s and a light breeze. I was looking for a certain cover for my the one Sandy has. Never found it. Next time? We were thrilled to see our friends, Linda & Jim, set up at this sale. We met them at the humongous antique show, Brimfield, years ago. Glad we have stayed in touch. Lulu wasted no time picking out what she liked. We weren’t amused when she found a full figured friend perched up on a table. Lulu snuggled right up to her. Notice this new “so-called” friend was smoking! this plague ever going to end? No wonder Lulu loved her! She could beg a cig off of her. Damn!

We didn’t find much....rather we didn’t buy much because we are out of the business. Now I’m taking photos of unique items to put on my Facebook group: “Weird Second Hand Finds that just need to be shared”. A lot cheaper than buying! Halfway through our journey, I was soooo thirsty. We bought a Diet Coke out of a cooler from a vendor. Hmmmm....the can was soooo cold. Great. It had a polar bear on the can. I took the first swig and then Cory took his. Blaaah! Yuck! Ewwwwww! Spit! Hurl! It was horrible! It was like it had no syrup in it! It was terrible. We told the vendor to taste it......she just gave us our $1.00 back. It must have been 20 years old! I don’t know but I hope we never swallow that retched crap again. We had to run quickly to find another vendor to buy another coke to get this disgusting taste out of our mouths. It was like a mole had made a house in our mouths and died. Putrid! Fortunately, our next drink was just fine. What a relief. Thank you 2nd vendor. Lulu never sipped either......too busy smoking!

We left this monster market around noon (it has 2 sides). One side is called the West side: “the Best Side”. They announce this frequently over a speaker system. It has the antiques, collectibles, repro’s and junk. Across the road, Sandy calls it “her side”. It has mostly new stuff made in China, a few collectibles, clothing, fruits and vegetables, food vendors and much more. There is a huge area called “The Wholesale Field”. Here the vendors buy some of their stuff to sell in their retail booths. You need to wear your hiking boots....lots of stuff to see while walking miles around the grounds. Lots and lots of people, too: big crowds!

We met up with Sam & Sandy at Bob Evans for lunch. Sam was happy. He had a successful day buying parts to make his cannons. We all enjoyed today’s adventure.

This same day ended with a “Girls Night Out”. Nicki Jo had planned and arranged for the ladies of the park to learn and play a game called Bunco. I had never played it as well as many who gathered. Whew! Sandy belongs to two Bunco clubs and has played Bunco for over 50 years! She’s like the Bunco Queen! She has tried to explain it to me....Duh! Huh? What? Why? ...... a few of my my responses.

It is a dice games with 4 ladies at a table. Even my dice throwing needs help. For one game, I had to keep score for my partner, Donna, and me. Horrible. I used to multi-task skillfully when I worked as a nurse. Throwing dice and keeping score for just two of us was mind-boggling and extremely stressful. For the next 2 games, Bunco Queen Sandy kept score for
Paul the Possum Paul the Possum Paul the Possum

Lulu rides a cow
all four of us plus throwing her dice like a winning crap game player. With BQ Sandy doing the scores, the game was seemed easier for me but I was nervous. Still not sure about the points you get for certain throws but I’m in the beginner’s learning stage. They say it’s sooo easy! Right! Not so much for me yet! Rachel was Sandy’s partner and then became mine. Both she and Donna had a “Bunco” and got to wear the crown and a Hawaiian lei that lit up. Oh, so lucky and oh, so beautiful! They were Queens for awhile until someone else got a “Bunco”. I had a “Bunco” but when I got mine, things were somewhat confusing and chaotic so I didn’t get to look fancy and be a Queen. I’m still trying to cope with that. It’s not easy to get over. Maybe next time. Wonder if Sandy will tutor me on the side so I don’t seem like such a dimwit. Please....Sandy.....Please. The main winner received $60.00 this night. There were several other winners, too....obviously, not me! With the top prize being so much $$$....I have to learn this game and learn it well. I’ll
Lulu wore this for Lois & MikeLulu wore this for Lois & MikeLulu wore this for Lois & Mike

Who do you like? ‘Gator, Lulu or Trump?
rub up against Cory before I go again. Remember, his other name is “Mr.Lucky”!

Our fun and surprises continued. Yesterday, our foursome went to Costco’s again. Cory had his hearing aid appointment with Frank. He retests him, makes any necessary adjustments and cleans the aids thoroughly for him. Everything was good. We bought one of their rotisserie chickens. Costco’s is the best place you can get those cooked birds. It’s huge! $4.98 of goodness. Makes about 3-4 meals. After we eat the chicken on the bone, there’s enough leftover for chicken slice sandwiches and chicken salad. Sandy makes soup with hers.

Our next destination was Bar Harbor. We all have been here before. Fabulous! It’s not fancy (picnic tables outside) but the seafood is fantastic. They are the distributors for all the restaurants in the area. Surprise! One of today’s specials was 2 steamed Maine lobsters (culls) for $11.98! Yes, that’s right....2 for $11.98. They were BIG lobsters and so delicious. You can’t even buy one whole lobster for this price in any restaurant, let alone two! They called them “culls” cause they had only one claw. However, ours came with one cull and the other had both claws. I was going to get their lobster roll, fries, cole slaw for $10.95. No way, 2 big boys for $1.00 more. Easy Peasy decision. Cory got the fried shrimp dinner as did Sam. The shrimp had a planko coating. 10 shrimp, lots of French fries and cole slaw for $7.95. WOW! Their specials are on Monday and Tuesday. One thing: you never really know what the specials are going to be. We had never seen this double lobster meal before. Pot luck, I guess. We were mighty happy and mighty surprised. Lulu, of course, had to have some of my lobster. She knows what is good! She tried to make earrings out of the claws but they wouldn’t stay on without hurting her. The claws gripped her ears tightly......she hollered so loudly, the rest of the customers panicked and screamed along with her. What a noisy session! Just like a concert. Deafening. Cory reminded me to take off my watch while I dissected and ate these armored beasts......remember the bad, fishy stench I smelled weeks back? It happened the last time I ate lobster and it’s water drained down my arms....’member? The fish juice soaked into my watch which was where I finally located the stinky source. Horrible! I knew it couldn’t be Lulu that stunk. She doesn’t have any limbs or crevasses for the foul fetor to fester.

Onward we go. But where, you ask? It’s a four letter word so guess. Okay...the answer is IKEA. We are fascinated with this gigantic store cause we don’t have any around us at all at home. Miles and miles of carefully staged furniture and accessories. Bins and bins of goodies. Good prices. Lulu wasted no time trying out various displays. She such a show-off. Thankfully, this mega store did not allow smoking! If our RV had more space in it, we would have been hauling out some useful treasures. Sadly, nowhere to put stuff anymore. We enjoyed their free coffee, soda pop and flavored waters (if you join their club=free). Sandy bought a plateful of Swedish meatballs for us to enjoy. Yummy. Our strength returned. It had been a full, fun day.

Enough for now. It amazes me that I can ramble on so much for so long. I’m sure you wish I wasn’t so long winded. Once I start, I can’t stop. One good thing I hope you have noticed—I am not writing a blog EVERYDAY. You did notice....right? I used to think I had to provide a daily entry each day. Just like at Bunco:too hard to keep score and throw dice. For the blogs:too hard to do the experience and then write about it on the same day. It’s hell getting old.

Remember to scroll way, way down. 22 photos this time. See you soon!

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Lulu went to bed at IkeaLulu went to bed at Ikea
Lulu went to bed at Ikea

Lulu rode a dead cow
Lulu joined the circus at IkeaLulu joined the circus at Ikea
Lulu joined the circus at Ikea

Lulu is protected from mosquitoes
Drinking wine at IkeaDrinking wine at Ikea
Drinking wine at Ikea

Sam fights back

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