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June 25th 2012
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25th June Monday
Today we decided we actually needed to do something instead of lying in the hotel room hungover and watching tv. The lady at reception had showed us her booklet of activities that we could do throughout our stay. This ranged from snorkelling, dolphin watching, parasailing and jet skiing and more. I was pretty adamant that I wanted to go jet skiing. The package I wanted to do was the 27 mile tour around key west. After managing to convince rich it would be worth it we coughed up $100 each and proceeded to the jet skis. But first we had to take a written multiple question test as we were under 25. I have just finished a solid 16 years in education, go traveling and have to take another test. Screw that we thought. Luckily our new friend, jackie told us a way to cheat. The answer sheet was stuck directly below the questions. We both finished with 100%. Two very smart boys. We sat on our jet skis and got told all the ins and outs, dos and don't dos, and that some lad the day before had split his chin 8inches the day before on them. Due to the weather being pretty windy and overcast which made 9ft waves on the pacific side, we were offered the option to not go around the island but do an alternate route. We picked the safe route. The chin story shook us up a bit. Off we went slowly both pretty hesitant to start with. We arrived at our first destination to where our tour guide told us some interesting facts at the time but nothing I can remember whilst writing this. He did tell us however some of the turtles there were as big as the jet skis and will easily take a hand/foot off you with a single bite. The waves at this point were not too bad but big enough to constantly be getting sprayed in the face and make it a bumpy ride. Goggles /some form of mask would of been a great idea. The instructor eventually told us the quicker you go the less wet you get. People back home will know I have the nickname "captain super slow" whilst driving. This really came into play when the instructor thought we were good enough to hit the 9ft waves on the pacific side and continue on the original route around the 27 mile keys. I'm not gona lie, I bricked it on these huge waves. With every wave you go over you got a mouth full of water and water in any hole in your face. Half the time i was blind whilst hitting these waves. It was pretty insane when you hit a big wave full on and you get a good few seconds of air. These jet skis weren't small either. I can see why and how the guy split his chin the day before. If you hit a wave on the wrong angle you could go flying or hit yourself on the jet ski handles. I almost did a couple of times. This happened to rich, he was jumping the waves with the instructor, made a good jump landed it then straight away got hit from the side and was flung from his jet ski. He was ok, just suffered a small cut to the hand just above the thumb. Nothing major. I think 27miles and an hour and a half was just a bit too long for jet skiing. It is so physically knackering. When we got back my back was in absolute bits. Same with rich. We thanked the tour guide who actually lost his sunglasses to the sea on one of the waves and headed back to the room broken men. We both showered up, got all the salt water out of our bodies and got into bed. I was pretty paralysed so I slept for a good 3 hours. Rich went to the outlet mall round the corner where he bought 2 new sets of headphones and some toe shoes amongst other crap. He is the biggest hoarder I know. He will take anything and everything around with him. He has had a glass bowl for about 3 weeks and used it twice. His bag is twice as heavy as mine. No exaggeration. Suppose his moisturiser and hair spray takes up a lot. Big girl. We didn't do much the rest of the day to be honest. Watched tv and went to a Chinese restaurant which was pretty horrific. Sweet and sour over here taste awful compared to back home.


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