Florida adventure - Keys!

Published: December 24th 2007
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Posing w/ statuePosing w/ statuePosing w/ statue

Blue waters & warm breezes in the Keys!
To get a bit of warm fun in the sun, Nicole & I traveled down to Florida on a red-eye flight Thanksgiving evening. Wasn't exactly the most "quiet" of red-eye's. There was lots of activity going on in the cabin. A little girl sitting enxt to Nicole kept getting air-sick - making several trips to the lavoratory. ANd the flight attendent people kept bumping into arms & legs in the aisles.

None the less, Florida was beckoning our attention once landed. After figuring out the car rental -- oops, I got the car companies mixed up -- we drove to Key Largo to our resort hotel! Was very pretty & tropical. We immediately signed up for Spa treatments the next morning, and went exploring at John Pennekamp National Park.

We got there early as suggested over the phone by the tour guy for the glass bottom boat. We reserved a 3pm sail that took us out across a coral reef. (Well worth the trip out -- we saw a Nurse shark and tons of cool tropical fish.) Before our boat left, we walked around the park on the various beaches taking lots of pictures of Ibises. Walking back of a spit and thru the trees, some lady shouted at Nicole "watch out!" Expecting the worse, we backed up & watched a GIANT iguana pass before us 😱 I clicked off 3 pictures and sighed a bit of releif. (We later learned that it was impossible for alligators for live within the mangrove trees, but had no idea of what to expect when the lady yelled at us.

THe next mroning we got our Spa treatments, grabbed lunch at a little cuban resturant (who initially charged us $28 for our $6 lunch!), then head North for Orlando.

NOTE: Would have loved to share more pix -- these are from Nicole. I accidently format my disk with all the Key Largo photos on it. Lesson learned for the future on what NOT to do!


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