BLT Day #1

Published: April 25th 2015
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When we woke up in the middle of the night to severe storms with lots of lighting, thunder and hard rain (and a very scared 6 month old puppy!), we didn't think the first day of our trip was starting off so well. However, at day break the sun was peaking through the clouds and we felt sure that today would be a good one - which, indeed, it was.

When I actually woke up, I was filled with an incredible sense of gratitude for many things: 1) that we have the resources to make this trip possible; 2) that Bowen and I are both healthy enough to make this trip together; 3) that my mother (aka Gaga) has recovered so well; and 4) that our kids, grandkids, and extended familes are doing well.

The, as an extra blessing, our flights were on time, all of our luggage arrived with us, we're staying in a beautiful hotel on the intracoastal waterway, and we had a wonderful and relaxing dinner overlooking the water tonight.

We do have high expectations for the days to come, but today was all about be grateful for what has brought us here and what we have today. God has richly blessed us in so many ways!

Now, it would be a perfect day if the Spurs just beat the Clippers in Game 3 tonight! GO, SPURS, GO!!!!!!!!!


26th April 2015

Your trip!
Worry about nothing (including the Spurs! haha) except what God has in store for you each day! Looking forward to coming along on your journey via blog and FB!

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