BLT Day #2: Hurry up and wait...

Published: April 26th 2015
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Any of you who have cruised will understand what I'm about to say: embarkation day for a cruise is frustrating! We first checked out of the hotel (hurry) to discover that our transportation to the ship was nearly an hour late (wait). So we loaded up everything quickly (hurry) and headed off to Port Everglades where there was terrible traffic because of road construction (wait). When we finally got to our terminal, we quickly unloaded our luggage (hurry) and got in a VERY long line (wait). By the time you actually get through checkin (wait), you can't wait to see your cabin and head to the pool deck for a refreshing adult beverage (hurry)! We expect it every time, so I shouldn't be surprised, but we sure were glad to have that part of the process behind us.

Once on board, things were great. It's a beautiful ship, our cabin is very spacious and comfortable, all of our luggage got to thie cabin quickly, the emergency drill was held in one of the clubs instead of outside on the deck (yay!), and we managed to take a quick tour of the important decks before dinner.

The ship is sold out - which is somewhat unusual for a repositioning cruise - but we think it's because of this itinerary stops in several nice locations. We met some very nice folks at dinner last night, then closed out the day with a glass of wine on our balcony. For a compulsive planner like me, it does take a day or so to realize that the planning is over and it's all about "execution" now. So, I'm "working hard" on slowing down and enjoying every minute.

I'll let you know how that goes tomorrow...


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