Everglades National Park

Published: October 10th 2008
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After an early start to the next day, we drove the rest of the Gulf coast to Homestead, stopping in at Fort Myers Beach and Naples along the way. The brief stop at naples was highlighted by some magnificent mansions that littered the beachfront around Naples Pier. We also got a taste for the Everglades with plains of water constantly alongside the highway we drove on. Late that afternoon, we finally arrived at our host, Nancy’s house on the outskirts of Homestead.

Everglades National Park was a part of our trip in which we were eager to see. It definitely isn’t the prettiest national park you will ever see, but it also holds a charm about it as well. With the exception of being attacked by swarms of Mosquitos, which were as thick as either of us had ever seen. We did however get to see our first ever Alligator in the wild. Is was pretty small (about 2.5 metres), but impressive all the same. We got to see some of the bigger gators at the Everglades Alligator farm, just outside the park. It was a little tacky at times, but the feeding demonstration was pretty impressive with 100s of gators coming out of the pond and climbing all over each other in order to get a bite to eat. Part of our entry also went to an Air Boat ride through the swamp and yes they are as fun as they look on TV.

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Everglades Alligator Farm Air Boat RideEverglades Alligator Farm Air Boat Ride
Everglades Alligator Farm Air Boat Ride

They are as fun as they look on TV
Feeding TimeFeeding Time
Feeding Time

With over 250 gators in one enclosure, feeding time tends to get a little crowed. They just climb over each other without any fuss at all.

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