Day 16 - Sandpearl Resort, Clearwater (mileage, absolutely zero!)

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September 22nd 2013
Published: September 27th 2013
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Short blog today as absolutely nothing was going to happen after two weeks on the move. With the Mustang safely locked in its underground palace and the weather looking a bit cloudy, we hit the pool for a few hours in the sun. Sadly very quickly more clouds moved in followed by the rain and whilst one of us retreated to the comfort of the bar, the other insisted on sitting it out under the umbrella in the forlorn hope that the sun would return. When it didn't we decided to abandon the pool for a while and head for the Sandpearls luxury Sunday brunch. With a great buffet of breakfast items, sushi, prawns, crab, omelettes, waffles, pancakes, steaks, chicken and fish dishes as well it was a real feast and throw in free champagne and I was set for the afternoon.

Sadly Shas had other ideas that mainly involved more sunbathing again and despite the view of the passing storms looking decidedly dodgy we went back to the pool. Whilst the rain did eventually stop and the temperature remained in the 80's, the sun didn't return for the day but it was still great to just sit outside and chill with a few beers (after watching the Singapore GP and Man Utd v Man City game in the room of course!)

It was very clear that at this time of year the Sandpearl's clientele seem to be there only for long weekends and on Sunday there was a huge line of people checking out throughout the day with not many coming in. By the evening the hotel was deserted and it felt like we had into ourselves!

In the evening we headed out onto the strip to check out some restaurants and settled at a little Itallian restaurant called Forlinis. The restaurant was empty save for three tables and the staff were very friendly and attentive. Sadly my starter was pretty tasteless and main course had mushrooms that we're truly revolting. Shas on the other hand loved her lobster ravioli. Main entertainment for the evening was the table next to us who hated every mouthful of what they had presented to them, and told the manager so, in great detail when he checked on them....then they walked out.

We returned back to the hotel for a few nightcaps at the beach bar which had been packed the night before to find the bar was closed and it was only 9-30!!. Luckily leftover supplies of beer and wine from the RV were retrieved from the hotel room and we sat on big sofas on the beach listening to the waves crashing on the beach and lightning in the distance late into the night.

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27th September 2013

Sounds a very romantic place!

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