The Kennedy Space Center - Pt 1, Overview

Published: June 24th 2015
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There are many places to visit in the United States, but to my mind two stand out above all others. They are Grand Canyon, and the Kennedy Space Center, which will be referred to hereafter as the “KSC”. The first is awe-inspiring for its natural beauty and grandeur: the second for the unparalleled achievements that it encompasses.

Who would have imagined a scant century ago that today Mankind would be flying everywhere, at unimaginable speeds? Maybe Jules Verne, but very few others. Nobody would have believed even 60 years ago that men would actually walk on the Moon, and that a man-made “Space Station” would orbit our planet continuously 200 miles above us, providing opportunities for research and development not available down here on Earth. These are the two most significant things that the KSC celebrates, and makes available for all to see and appreciate. In the words of President Kennedy “The eyes of the world now look into space, to the Moon and to the planets beyond, that we have vowed we shall not see crowned by a hostile flag of conquest, but by a banner of freedom and peace.”

About halfway between Jacksonville and Miami on Merritt Island a few miles north of Cape Canaveral, the Kennedy Space Center is the one place no visitor to Florida should miss. It occupies a huge tract of land some 34 miles (55 km) long by 6 miles (10 km) wide and its 2.9 miles (4.6 km) Shuttle Landing Facility (runway) is one of the world’s longest, since returning space shuttles are powerless gliders with no chance for a second “go around” when landing. This article gives a brief introduction to the KSC, and it will be followed by two more, about the Apollo Project and the Space Shuttles. I really hope you get the opportunity to go, as Margo and I did in 2014. Here is another introductory source of information about the KSC and what you’ll experience there:

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There are several tours available, taking from 1 to 3+ hours, at your choice.

24th June 2015

Cool place!! Here's hoping that the giant ball of liquified hydrogen is well protected and maintained, yikes!

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