High Heel Race - Crazy night in Dupont!

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These HEELS are TOO MUCH!!!!These HEELS are TOO MUCH!!!!These HEELS are TOO MUCH!!!!

Oh my god, These fit me last year; what did my feet shrink!
My role was to be Markita Chiquita's paparazzi (and to hand out propaganda bat hats advertising her firm)! As she got ready We started out at a staging location (AKA Nick's Condo) where we drank Red Bull and Vodka and put the hats we later handed out (600 of them) on bent hangers so we could carry them. We were accompanied by Lena Lett in her full regalia. Her mother showed up to cheer her on! I didn't realize until that night (although I have known Lena for years) that her drag is her full time job, bringing in $75,000 a year for her many appearances and event hosting. Didn't know Drag could be that profitable!

They continued their preparations, Markita stuffing paper in her silver spike heel shoes in an attempt to keep them on her feet, then trying a pair of black patent leather knee high boots (to the great protest of Lena saying she would not be seen with Markita with "those shoes and that dress together"...). Final decision was a black strap on 6" spike heel which went well with her hoes but were extraordinarily uncomfortable!

After watching Markita attempt to get his lipstick right
Ohh My...Ohh My...Ohh My...

These heels are ok, but it feels like something is crawling up my butt!
and don his wig, we finally made it out the door to the craziness that waited. The sidewalks were lined 6 deep on both sides of the road with people attempting to see the numerous drag queens parade up and down the street. We made our way about a block before all the hats were gone, everybody wanted one! It was quite crazy what people would do for a freebie! We then decided to depart the crowded sidewalks and make our way past the barricades to the street. We paraded up and down the street in the limelight while everybody else was behind the ropes taking pictures like crazy and cheering. Markita was harassing all the straight boys with their girlfriends and saying he would like a piece of that, or good catch, or some less kind remarks! I was walking along with her and taking many pictures of the various drag queens or themed groups of drag queens that were on the street.

We skipped the actual race, as it only lasts about 40 seconds, and everybody but the racing drag queens were allowed for that short stint, lest one of them break a heel and fall on
Oh so many hats!Oh so many hats!Oh so many hats!

They look like bat propoganda for Mark Rustein Realty!.. Or is that called guano...
someone, not a pretty sight! The crowd remained for about another hour as the drag queens strutted their stuff. We even got pictures of Markita with our Mayor to be Adrian Fenty, also parading up and down the street (not in drag mind you).

After a few trips back to the condo, each replete with more red bull and vodka (which were a problem as we were drinking them out of the cans, guzzling down some red bull and then refilling the can with vodka; having no idea how much vodka we were drinking) we were beginning to get a little tipsy! We made our way back to the street and then on to Cobalt as JR's was just way too packed. We had a drink there and I decided I had had enough and made my way back home. Markita's boyfriend, Rick, whom we hadn't seen since earlier in the evening had gone home earlier leaving Markita stranded.

After I left, I heard that she had made her way to Halo (another bar) and then on to B-Bar, where Mike (the owner) was parading all the drag queens in attendance across the stage. Markita says she doesn't remember that part (which is another reason I left earlier)

Overall it was a lot of fun, and I am sure our pictures are captured on many digital cameras for future embarrassment!

Additional photos below
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Wig ON!Wig ON!
Wig ON!

Well she is finally looking like a girl...
Ready to go...Ready to go...
Ready to go...

Wayne and Rikita ready to go with hats in tow.
Aww...  A wounded soldierAww...  A wounded soldier
Aww... A wounded soldier

Well, It takes all kinds to wage war...
Our future Mayor!Our future Mayor!
Our future Mayor!

Better than the old Crack head days of Marrion Barry!
Is she a security risk?Is she a security risk?
Is she a security risk?

Hmm Fenty's security is not so sure about that combination of leapard skins...
Markita and LenaMarkita and Lena
Markita and Lena

Such a faboulous couple!
Pixie StixPixie Stix
Pixie Stix

Little too done up for me honey!
Markita and Chop SueyMarkita and Chop Suey
Markita and Chop Suey

She is looking a little soggy isn't she...
Ohh the sugar content!Ohh the sugar content!
Ohh the sugar content!

Too much sugar! Where is the Splenda?
Cookie Buffet!Cookie Buffet!
Cookie Buffet!

At her finest!
Jon Bene and her supposed friend showed up...  Didn't know she was still allive!  Jon Bene and her supposed friend showed up...  Didn't know she was still allive!
Jon Bene and her supposed friend showed up... Didn't know she was still allive!

I need to figure out how to get a free first class flight to Thailand to see my Bo...

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