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New York-New York I was not looking forward to riding into downtown Manhattan but with our local lad,Craig,as our leader I became a little more relaxed until he missed the huge sign that directed us to turn right towards Manhattan....Bugger. Between Miss Muppet with her cel phone directions and Strings and my GPS we made it in a round about way to downtown and our hotel that Bones and Petal had secured for us. After unloading our gear we then rode up the road about 50 metres to the parking building that I had researched. After a bit of argy bargy we finally agreed to pay the US$50 per day per bike, lucky we were only staying two nights!! After a shower and change of clothes the girls took us off on a sight seeing bus ... read more
Nighttime in NY
The first skyscraper in NY.

Bonjour à tous, Ce soir j'ai juste déménagé de 2 km. L'hôtel où j'étais est complet pour la fin de semaine, et je ne pensais pas passer autant de temps dans cette ville que je trouve magnifique, voilà pourquoi je n'avais pas réservé plus longtemps. Hier j'avais prévu de laisser la voiture à l'hôtel jusqu' à cet après-midi, j'ai changé d'avis en voyant que la première station de métro était relativement éloignée de mon parcours. Comme j'ai des restes de fatigue des deux journées précédentes, la voiture était là bien venue. Je trouve à la garer assez facilement dans un parking le long du Potomac. Ce qui me surprends c'est qu'il soit gratuit, dans ce quartier aussi touristique. Le programme est simple, hier j'ai fait la partie est de la Maison Blanche, aujourd'hui c'est l'ouest, qui ... read more
Jefferson Memorial
Martin Luther King Memorial
Roosevelt Memorial (avec Fafa)

Bonjour à tous, La case pour le titre aurait été assez grande, J'aurais mis en titre "ALLO BARRACK JE SUIS À LA PORTE" Hier au soir tellement crevé de la journée je suis allé souper au restaurant de l'hôtel au 17ème étage. Une vue superbe sur Washington et sur la rivière Potomac. De bien que la vue. Une cliente, de dos je pensais que c'était un homme, bien carré, si je n'avais vue les marques du soutien gorge, à fait retourner 3 fois son vin, et 3 fois sa salade. Elle s'est levée et elle partie. Pour ma part les cannellonis étaient presque acceptables. À 9h 30 au lit mon bouquin, avant 10 h je dormais jusqu'à ce matin 7h. Les jambes allaient assez bien ce matin. A 8h30 j'étais à la station de métro, un ... read more
Smithsonian Castle
US Supreme Court
Clombus Circle

Bonjour à tous, En préparant l'organisation de ma journée, j'ai une mauvaise surprise, j'apprends que pour visiter le Pentagone, il faut réserver en cette période de vacances, au minimum 1 mois avant. Question de vérification et d'accréditation. Comme le Pentagone, est à environ une 7 ou 8 km de mon hôtel et pas trop en centre ville, je vais y aller en voiture, en passant par l'autre rive du Potomac côté Washington. juste pour avoir un léger aperçu de la ville. Je vais pas mal galérer pour y arriver, car "GèreMène" ne connait pas cette adresse, et comme le bâtiment est entouré d'autoroute pas facile. Lorsque je suis enfin sur la bonne bretelle d'accès visiteurs, j'arrive devant une barrière de péage pour le parking. Comme je ne vais pas rester, mais juste faire quelques photos, je ... read more
les tombes de JFK et Jacky
le cimetières
le Pentagone

On my run today, thoughts floated in my mind as to why I enjoy this seemingly painful sport so much. Yes, I take a lot of pleasure and relaxation in running, finding the hour or two when I’m on the road as a journey in itself. Maybe circumstances are a bit heavy for the moment, stresses piling up, or I need to mentally sort some thoughts and emotions. By the end of a five or six mile journey, problems seem to be solved, stresses melt away, anger and frustrations gone and replaced by a sense of inner peace. I run as much as I can, some phases in life more than others. For example, in the budding stages of the Syrian war, I ran so often to cope with the shocking horrors of an unraveling civil ... read more

For those of you who have been following along on our explorations of the D.C area, you’ve learned that we frequented many of the political bars, explored museums and monuments….but you might be asking yourself what else there is to do in the area. The answer is….plenty. Mount Vernon and Monticello The northern Virginia area was once home to two of America’s earliest and most famous presidents, and their estates are worthy of a look if you’re a historian or just merely want a glimpse of what colonial life was like for wealthy land owners who were also politicians. Short day trips from Washington D.C. will have you enjoying the estates of President Washington and President Jefferson. More often than not, they are referred to as plantations. Washington as most people know, was our first President ... read more
Lovely homes
Zephaniah Farm Vineyards

Geo: 38.8887, -76.9894Braving the traffic we ventured out after what we thought would be peak hour, although that seems to last all day, to Dulles airport, 40 miles from the City, to visit the Steven Udvar-Hazy aircraft museum.Udvar-Hazy is an aircraft leasing billionaire who contributed $66 million to the Smithsonian institute to build the museum which is housed in a massive building near the Dulles airport.Getting there just after opening time we had most of the place to ourselves and were able to peruse the museums most notable exhibit, the space shuttle 'Discovery', which made the most voyages of all the space shuttles. It stands in a wing of the museum which houses many other exhibits from the space program including a Gemini capsule in which 2 astronauts spent 2 weeks orbiting the earth. Not my ... read more
Space shuttle
Space Shuttle

Geo: 38.8886, -76.9894Last night we went out on the bikes and had a look at the Capitol and a few of the monuments lit up. There weren't that many people around and the street lighting was a bit less than adequate but we managed to find our way around.It was a bit chilly but there were still people wandering around in shorts and t-shirts. The Capitol looked lovely with all the lights on it and the quarter moon in the background and the WW2 memorial had all the fountains lit up. We've been making the most of our bike rental and have cycled around pretty much all of the immediate area and seen all of the historic government buildings and the museums.... read more
Fountains at WW2 memorial
Freedom wall
Lincoln memorial

Geo: 38.8887, -76.9894We got back in the car this morning and went off to visit Arlington cemetery and to see the changing of the guard.The cemetery is massive and all set in beautiful gardens and lawns. We walked up the hill to the Tomb of the unknown soldier to see the changing of the guard ceremony which occurs every hour on the hour. An officer came out and announced the ceremony and then later on they had several groups of children bring out wreaths representing their schools to lay at the tomb while a bugler played the last post. It was quite moving and it was lovely to see the little kids being so solemn and respectful. The tomb was positioned on the hill at the top of the cemetery and behind it was a pavillion ... read more
Changing of the guard
Children laying wreath
Tomb of the unknown soldier

Geo: 38.8886, -76.9895The day dawned fine and warm so we headed off again on the bikes to get a proper look at the Capitol building. It is closed to visitors on sundays and if you want to go on a tour you have to book well in advance so we just walked around the outside. We rode the bikes to the Central train station and walked to the Capitol from there. As we were reasonably early there weren't many people around apart from a tour group who were all on roller blades. Very ambitious I thought considering that the roads and footpaths around here are very uneven and rather busy.The Capital is a splendid example of architecture like so many of the buildings here and was surrounded by lawns and fountains and gardens. I managed to ... read more
Liberty bell in front of train station
Garden with monument in background
Capitol with reflection pool

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