Slowride Days

Published: November 23rd 2007
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Let slow ride days begin! We are off to Washington, DC today for a week and I have been look forward to this trip for weeks. It's been a long difficult to semester that has the latest with company that I do truly cherish. I'm excited to have this week off and see our nation's capital from a different perspective. I'm traveling down with Mark it's going to be about 8 1/2 hours. We had to make it drop by Greenfield so that I could finish up a couple loose ends. I have to admit it was nice seeing the family one more time before I headed out. The trip has been a blast as we headed through New York There was some great graffiti and amazing views. Attached you will see one of the more unique graffiti pieces along with some shots of the George Washington Bridge. It was really exciting and quite the experience. In Baltimore we passed through Baltimore harbor tunnel were Mark told me to hold my breath and make a wish. So long brain cells I will miss your company but if I'm lucky I’ll get that wish despite the fact Mark tried to sabotage it by slowing down at the end of the tunnel. We stopped by a gas station name Sheets, and I finally got my eggnog mom! They had this make your own milkshake machine that was incredible. Insert a cup, press a button and lifter did the rest. I have to admit it sounded like an airplane taking off but it was fun. Once we arrived we drove around the capital to see some of the sights. When we got in it was late so we chatted with Marks mother Judy for a bit and headed to bed. Though we closed our eyes knowing that we had an 8:30am wake up it was nice to rest my head somewhere new.

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Something UniqueSomething Unique
Something Unique

I almost missed this one. It seemed very similar to Banksy. I was definitely impressed.
The ShakeThe Shake
The Shake

Who knew drinking a shake could be so sexy.

30th November 2007

Long trip, but good times
Hey Steve, it looks like you guys had a long trip, but were able to have some fun on the way down. I'm glad to hear you got the chance to spend time with Mark for the holiday.

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