Easter season in Washington D.C. beneath the Cherry Blossoms

Published: April 10th 2010
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cherry blossomcherry blossomcherry blossom

"thank you Japan"
After visiting several capitals of European nations, we finally see our own...
...For this "tour", we haven't hired guides to tell us about the history behind the monuments, (although we will next time!) there is no need to translate the local language, and there is no need to wonder about the food offered on the menus. This time, we know the history of the people and events that shaped this nation's heritage. We are finally touring our own country's capital city, Washington D.C. Here we are joined by good friends, and it is peak weekend for the famous Cherry blossoms!
We booked seats on the train, and had a very relaxing trip into Union Station. From there, a walk to our hotel, and we are sight seeing once again!
Our long winter has been very cold, this is the first weekend with enough warm spring weather to bring thousands of tourists out. But, we rise early each day to make the most of the morning light, and empty venues, before the throngs of other tourists jam the walkways, and museums
The Cherry trees are beautiful, despite the winter storm damage that they suffered. As our cab driver said when he dropped us off at the tidal basin, "you are not alone!" Literally thousands of us had the same idea to be out early to get the morning sun light.

In two and half days we see as much as we possibly can. Arlington Cemetery, the Cherry trees around the Tidal basin, monuments to Jefferson, and Franklin Roosevelt, the Lincoln Memorial at sunrise, the Vietnam and Korean War memorials, Newseum, and the Smithsonian's Natural History, and Air & Space Museums...all while the Easter holiday traffic around the national mall is at a standstill! One cab we hailed to get over to the cemetery, had a driver that -bless his heart- had only been on the job (and possibly in the country) since 4 days before we arrived! Suffice it to say that it was a hour and half in a cab that we won't soon forget!

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tall iconstall icons
tall icons

one of the flags ringing the Washington Monument
Vietnam Memorial Vietnam Memorial
Vietnam Memorial

eary morning with the Washington Monument reflected
cherry blossomcherry blossom
cherry blossom

2010 was our first year seeing these trees in Washington DC. It has been one of the most beautiful sights we've seen!
waving to the presidentwaving to the president
waving to the president

a photographer takes a group shot of the crowd after the Easter morning sunrise service
Cherry trees in full bloomCherry trees in full bloom
Cherry trees in full bloom

tidal basin in Washington D.C.
Mr. JeffersonMr. Jefferson
Mr. Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson Memorial
Puppy photos Puppy photos
Puppy photos

FDR's dog "Fala" at the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial
gravesite of President Kennedygravesite of President Kennedy
gravesite of President Kennedy

Arlington National Cemetery
placing a wreathplacing a wreath
placing a wreath

at the tomb of the Unknowns. The World War I soldier buried here, has been guarded 24/7 for almost 73 years.
flags at the amphitheater flags at the amphitheater
flags at the amphitheater

in Arlington National Cemetery
He was here tooHe was here too
He was here too

the Newseum was celebrating Elvis' 75th birthday
reflections on the wall  Vietnam Memorialreflections on the wall  Vietnam Memorial
reflections on the wall Vietnam Memorial

the Washington Monument in the distance

10th April 2010

Great pics! Wish I could go there again.
10th April 2010

I enjoyed your writings and photos. Thanks for sharing.
11th April 2010

Beautiful pictures!! What kind of camera did you use?
11th April 2010

my brand spankin' new
Nikon D5000. Just so you will know, when you see a photo that you like, click on it and it will state what camera was used (most of the time) Thanks for the compliment!
28th May 2010

hi there
love these pictures. been to DC many times, but these photos beat any I've ever taken. Those cherry blossoms! Lovely, real lovely. Hope all's well with you guys. Cheers!

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