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July 18th 2016
Published: July 24th 2016
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No MonstersNo MonstersNo Monsters

We all looked, and we didn't see any monsters... though Michelle saw a lady with creepy long hands and nails.
Since we were up so late last night with the play, we decided to sleep in and try to leave after the morning rush. We left at 11am, and it was still crowded but I'm sure it would have been worse. We weren't allowed to take the trailer onto the Manhattan Island so we followed the Hudson River North along the Palisaides Interstate Parkway. We learned exactly why that side of the Hudson was not settled for a long time (super steep) and that if they bother to put a scenic overlook on a busy highway, we should stop because it's a pretty awesome view. We were very high up on an outlook that we hiked to, and could see for miles in each direction on the river, including the bridge that marks the northern end of Manhatten. We wanted to stay and hike some more, but our goal today was to meet up with Jessica, Tony's friend from Middle School and High School. On the way we passed through New York state and the town of Sleepy Hollow. Tony has been following the TV drama of the same name and was able to recognize some of the sites (no monsters,
Scenic ViewScenic ViewScenic View

When they bother to make a scenic overlook, to the point of pouring a concrete outpost on a cliff and building a trail to it... it's probably (definitely) worth taking the time to go and look.
though, or witches that we know of). From there we followed a bunch of back roads and passed into Connecticut. We met Jessica at her daughter's soccer game in Griswold and watched "The Gabinator" play before heading back to Jessica's for some burgers. On the way to Jessica's the trailer started making some pretty awful noises. We pulled over a few times to see if we could find anything obviously wrong and finally limped into Jessica's driveway after dark. Tomorrow well have to call around and see if we can find a place to get the trailer towed so someone can look at it. Our fear is that we somehow damaged the axle.

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Big Boat HaulerBig Boat Hauler
Big Boat Hauler

Really Big crane/machine to lift large boats and take them to the water. We could drive our van and trailer through this monster (and we almost did, it moves very slowly).
Trailer in NYTrailer in NY
Trailer in NY

While the humans and their stuff have been in NY many times before, the trailer makes it's maiden voyage.

We feel so welcomed.

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