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Published: June 11th 2007EDIT THIS ENTRY

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Fairfield Reststop

For all of you who are curious about our precise locations. Here we are in Fairfield at the Reststop! 210 miles still to go.

DJ Blogging from his phone!DJ Blogging from his phone!DJ Blogging from his phone!

Too bad the phone didn't really like him so Katie had to use the computer to update!

Fairfield Reststop
Location: Fairfield, CT Reststop
Blogger: DJ

Well we just pulled off at a rest area outside of fairfield CT. I'm
still doing all the driving and I probably will be until after we get
though NYC. My sister has explained that she'll likely freak out
trying to deal with stop and go traffic leaving NYC during rush hour.
Probably a good point.

I think this blog was an intersting idea by Katie, shes been updating
from laptop and I'm just updating from my cell phone. We aren't
stopping long so I have had a chance to get the hang of the website,
but I'm sure Ill wor out all the bells and whistles tonight (Yes Leah,
that probably means video) Anyhoo, the GPS says that we are due there
at 9:07 if we don't stop anymore so we gotta get rolling.



12th June 2007

Glad you stopped...
Glad you stopped before you tried to add a message. The map was a really cool idea. I will try and get Nanny online so she can read this as you go. Take care of each other.

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