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August 12th 2009
Published: August 12th 2009
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On the morning of July 17th. we were required to vacate our campsite as it had been previously reserved by someone other than me. We decided to go back to the free Road Canyon site. After setting up camp there we drove into Creede to wash clothes. Never before had I seen a coin operated washing machine that took 14 quarters to operate. $3.50 a load.
Anyway, we decided that we wanted to get back home by Friday the 24th. That would put us in Colleyville on Thursday the 23rd, Amarillo on Wednesday the 22nd, Great Sand Dunes Nat’l Monument on Tuesday the 21st, leaving time for one night at Kamp Komfort on Monday the 20th. I got a Wi-Fi signal and Googled Kamp Komfort South Fork. Called the number and secured reservations for Monday night.
The three days and nights at Road Canyon passed quickly and on the morning of July 20th we drove the 50 or so miles to Kamp Komfort. I didn’t really know what to expect, but I didn’t expect to find the original bell with original “ring bell for service” lettering. The staff was courteous and efficient. The rates were reasonable. For about $30 we got a RV site with water, sewer, electric, cable TV, and Wi-Fi. They offer a number of cabins for rent. Prices range from $80 to about $160 per night.
In the meadow below the cabins and RV sites there is one tent frame remaining. There were originally eight and were built for the movie. Sparkey’s Place (as the last remaining tent frame is called) is in reasonably good repair.
The fishing was good and the owner stocks on a regular basis. The grounds were clean and well maintained. Public showers are located just behind the office. No, you don't have to shower in public. They are public but also private. All in all, a nice place to "vacation". One more thing, the coin operated washing machine is still a buck.

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13th August 2009

I'm an Idiot
I should have known that the answer to your trivia question was "Vacation." I think the answer to your universe is "Vacation." I think that psychologists could even determine that the reason you became a teacher is so that you could always be assured of having a "vacation." I can't believe I didn't pick that answer.
23rd October 2012

Thanks for the photos of Kamp Komfort
I had no idea that this was in fact an actual location! Many thanks for the photos, reminiscent of light and happy times in the best "Vacation" movie made. I've just got to take my family here one day.

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