Published: July 28th 2010
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Showed up at Mesa Verde on July 3rd. Not a good visit. Dual total battery failures on the RV during the night. That sent me to Cortez on the 4th of July looking for batteries. There is only one place in Cortes to purchase deep cycle batteries on the 4th. Wal-Mart. I was attempting to have a Wal-Mart free vacation. Other than the battery purchase, I did have a Wal-Mart free trip. The lesson here is to load-test the batteries before a long trip. The Junior Ranger Badge was the best thing that happened at Mesa Verde this year. ( Well, they did fix the conflicting signs).

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28th July 2010

Go Ranger!
Holiday -- You the man! Troutmaster and Junior Ranger! If it wasn't for Obama you'd be my main hero!

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