My First Junior Ranger Badge

Published: July 17th 2010
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1: first jr. ranger badge 27 secs
Summer school is out and Holidayroad is on the move. Some have said that I am the alter ego of a certain individual who will remain anonymous. Truth be told, he is the alter ego. Spent some time at Petrified Forest National Park. Got my first Junior Ranger Badge, Patch, & Certificate. The girl that swore me in said that she “had never done it before” and that ”I was her first”. I refrained from making any comments, though some did cross my mind. I’m done for now (writers block). I can do that, it's my blog.

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19th July 2010

You Roll, Holiday Road!
Rock on, man! Our national parks need more junior rangers like you. (And with gift shop clerks like the one who swore you in, I might become a junior ranger, too.)
20th July 2010

Wear it Proud!
Looks like you are having a wonderful summer! See you in August. Deb.

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