Published: May 18th 2012
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I headed to the American Lung Association today for an informal interview with the Director of Development, Liz, and her second in command, Joe.

The offices are lovely - they are modern and everyone has their own closed office. There are about 25 staff in this chapter and they are part of a much bigger organisation.

They are clever as they fall into various categories, which helps with funding. They are a health chairty, an environmental charity and an advocacy charity, focusing on asthma, lung disease, the cessation of smoking in young people, cleaner air and the promotion of electric vehicles.

At the end of the interview, we agreed that I would start work today, so I spent the day preparing bits and pieces for a cocktail reception that is being held tomorrow and making pretzel necklaces for their Country Club Classic event (a blind beer tasting with a golf theme) in mid June.

The staff seem really nice. I think I'm going to like it.

14th May


15th May

Work again. Today, I made over 200 calls to past participants of the Country Club Classic event, trying to get them to sign up. The accent softened people up and I got quite a few sign ups.

It was the Receptionists birthday, so we all had ice cream and cookies in the afternoon, which was a nice opportunity to chat to some of the staff. The receptionist, 'Hoovie' seems lovely, as does George, the Major Gifts Manager. I also took a liking to the CEO's PA immediately - Gerry is warm and friendly and has a really frindly Southern accent. The Executive Director (of the South West region) also seems lovely. I already have a lot of respect for him. This is good coming from me, as it is hard to find decent CEO's, as I know from personal experience. All the signs are good.


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