Published: May 10th 2012
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Random question of the day. Have you ever seen a fat horse? I woke up pondering this. Answers on a postcard.

We took Rico to see downtown in the morning. The boys took endless pictures of puddles and pieces of wood, while I took the boring touristy ones. We had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory and Jon managed to bag himself a free piece of cheesecake by flirting with the waiter (well actually they gave him lunch with mushrooms which he had specifically asked not to have)

We took Rico to the airport for his flight back to Vegas in the afternoon and then did our weekly shop and chores.

7th May

I was proud to burn 630 calories in an hour and ten mins on the treadmill this morning. I then did a bit of swimming in the afternoon and made a 5 year old friend called Kayleigh. She was spoilt so I got bored of her after a while though.

8th May

I got on the LightRail and headed to the LoDo area to meet Brad at MaxFund today. I had emailed him asking if I could volunteer and he said I could pop by, have a tour of the shelter and walk the dogs. I had asked him if Tuesday was okay but hadn't got a reply, so decided to go anyway.

It turns out hte shelter is closed every Tuesday (of course). However, the Volunteer Coordinator (Karen), happened to be in this particular Tuesday and showed me around. One of the dogs was severaly depressed folowing three operations to remove cancerous tumours - he wouldnt eat or move from the back of his cage, which was really sad.

It turns out I couldnt walk the dogs as each volunteer has to undergo training in how to handle the dogs, as they are particularly vicious or need special attention.

I have kind of gone off the idea of volunteering here - it is in a really dodgy area and is not what I expected...

I had been expecting to start volunteering today, but as it was closed, I had to leave after my 20 minute tour, so I decided to walk in the direction of downtown and do some shopping.

Two hours later, my feet were cut and blistered to pieces, so I limped back home.

Jon had come home from work ill, so we spent the afternoon lazing around the house. He was well enough to go out for a Little India takewaway by the evening though!

9th May

Gym, swim.

I got ill after dinner and had a really bad stomach ache and headache - I think it may have been heatstroke.

10th May

I went for a long walk around the local park and then started reading Hunger Games and got hooked. I got halfway through when Jon announced he was coming home for a swim, so we spent an hour in the pool before the chavs invaded.


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