On the Road Day Eleven

Published: April 17th 2012
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I woke up with lots of hives today. They are on my arms and back and area really itchy. I am baffled as it was far too cold for mosquitoes and no one else has bed bugs.

We had an early start as it was an 8 hour drive to Grand Junction, so we said goodbye to our strange motel owner, (Elton Johann) who said once again that we should visit Sedona (meant to be one of the most beautiful towns in Colorado, thanks to the huge red rocks surrounding the town, where the cheapest house costs $2,000,000) It looked gorgeous but it would add another couple of hours onto our journey, so we moved on.

On yhe drive, we experienced all the Colorado seasons...sun, rain, thunderstorm, snow, hail... I am used to this after last year, but its hard to believee until you see it.

We went through Monument Valley on Highway 163, which was amazing. All the rocks are formed so strangely. Wealso passed a village called Mexican Hat, which is recognisabe from the sombrero shaped rock formation at the egde of the village.

We stopped for a coffee at a small town called Bluff, in the middle of nowhere. A group of young children were drinking iced coffee (the scene reminded me of Stand By Me) but I couldnt fugure out where they lived or what they did for fun, as all the only things around were RV's, one house and rocks...

We also went through Moab en route, which I would like to go back to. It looks so pretty and is near one of the most beautiful State Parks in the country - Arches.

We reached Colorado at 5pm and booked into the El Palomini Motel in a slightly dodgy looking part of Grand Junction.

We went for a quick walk and ate at The Valley Inn...tired!!


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