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Maybe it was one too many mountains to ride. All I know is when I reached the Utah border near Grand Junction, CO, I didn't want to go further west with the thought being that the farther I went, the farther I would have to get home. I didn't reach the point of no return because it was closer to home to turn around. I called Jan and told her how I felt and she agreed, telling me to head for home. So I turned around and rode along the Gunnison River and Black Canyon back to Gunnison, CO, where I spent the night. I'm disappointed that I didn't have what it takes to complete the whole trip, as ambitious as it was, but I did get to ride all over the state of Colorado, and ... read more
Black Canyon
Black Canyon
Black Canyon

North America » United States » Colorado » Grand Junction September 10th 2016

25th August After staying the evening in Cheyene in Wyoming. We traveled through Scotts Bluff, Nebraska, a significant place as this was a pass on the Oregon Trail where the first settlers passed on their way out to a new life in California. We saw old wagon trains and learnt about the hardship and the elements and diseases that many Settlers incurred. Men, women and children perished on this horrific journey to the new lands. We passed by another land mark which the first settlers would have used as passing mark, Chimney Rock. We arrived in Rapid City South Dakota and checked into our motel, and quickly headed off to the Badlands National Park. Amazing formations of rock and prairie, as it was in the afternoon we enjoyed the colours of the rocks changing in the ... read more
Badlands, South Dakota

North America » United States » Colorado » Grand Junction August 8th 2016

Bonjour à tous, Une journée pas recherchée par les touristes, excellent, mais le revers de la médaille, c'est qu'il y a peu d'hôtel, et ce retrouver à 4 heure de l'après midi, dans le désert, ça oblige à faire de grosse journée en kilométrage pour retrouver la civilisation 550 km pour aujourd'hui en montagne, c'est assez. Je n'avais rien réservé pour ce soir, la route que je m'étais prévue, était classée scénique, à 80%, je n'étais pas inquiet pour trouver à me loger, et surtout je ne voulais pas me rendre aussi loin. Grand Jonction était pour demain soir. Ma première programmation était ce matin Lake City, dans les montagnes du Hinsdale. Cette route, longe pendant une centaine de km une petite rivière, appelé le Rio Grande, je ne sais pas si c'est le célèbre. Des ... read more
Lac Curenanti
vue du matin
je ne pensait pas revoir le désert

North America » United States » Colorado » Grand Junction August 9th 2014

Geo: 39.0649, -108.564We were up early this morning and after packing the car and getting on the road, we landed in Zion at 8 AM and 70 degrees. Since we were at the bottom of a canyon, evidence of the sun was limited and many of my photos today showed canyon walls in darkness. However, some of those that I chose to download have some interesting shadows in them. I hope you will agree.We began the drive through the 12 miles that would take us to the other side of the park and out to the road we would be traveling to our next destination. We spent about an hour and a half on this road, stopping at pulloffs to take photos and to admire the views. I will admit, this would not have been possible ... read more
The view from our motel last night
Steve relaxing outside our room
Zion National Park

WOW! More Photos... read more

North America » United States » Colorado » Grand Junction October 29th 2013

Geo: 39.0649, -108.564The free campgrounds we're too far off the road for us to have the energy to find, so we settled for a parking lot. Works for us. ... read more
Old bridge over the Colorado River
Canyonlands beckon

The day has finally arrived! We are headed to Peru. Just gotta get thru this massive travel day. 4 hour drive from Grand Junction to Denver, a 1145 pm flight to Ft Lauderdale. That's where we have the pleasure of a 12 hour layover. Then the final leg with a 5 1/2 hour flight to Lima. Ahhh the things we do for cheaper airfare!... read more

Before getting into todays ride and experiences I want to acknowledge how serous the fires are in Colorado at this point. We are 50 miles away from the nearest fire at Canon City and can see so much smoke, and overnight our bikes were covered in ash. We can appreciate why residents here are very concerned. It is the main topic of conversation in restaurants and coffee shops and everyone wants the latest updates. We enjoyed our own private car show last night. This weekend, Pueblo is hosting the 49th annual Rocky Mountain Street Rod Nationals, and many hot rods and restomods were parked at our hotel. By early evening, tailgate parties (without the tailgate?) were in full swing around us with car enthusiasts grouped protectively around their pride and joy, beers and dogs in hand. ... read more
Arkansas River, Colorado
Arkansas River, Colorado
Arkansas River, Colorado

An Enjoyable Hike in Grand Junction ... Mount Garfield (elevation 6,765 feet) is a landmark for Grand Junction and much of the Grand Valley. The peak appears foreboding to the common person -- as if it would be a treacherous climb to the top -- but a well-marked two-mile trail ascends 2,000 feet in elevation to reach the summit. I suppose this may not be the best trail if you are seeking quiet and solitude, as the roar of Interstate 70 was never far, but this hike offers much in variety and scenery. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Warning: After rainfall, the Mt. Garfield Trail could pose a problem. The beginning steep section would likely be too slippery for anyone to ascend. Also, the narrow section along the vertical cliffs could be slick. Directions: From Interstate 70, ... read more
Mount Garfield In Grand Junction, Colorado
Mount Garfield Mining Ruins
Mount Garfield In Grand Junction, Colorado

In 1900 Elmer Riggs, from what is now known as the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago (in Riggs' day it was the Field Columbian Museum), discovered the bones of a 70 foot long, 30 ton Apatosaurus at Dinosaur Hill. He returned in 1901 with a crew and removed what turned out to be a major part of this dinosaur. Riggs transported the skeleton to Chicago where it has been on exhibit since 1908. In 1991 and 1992 local paleontologists with mining crews reentered and expanded the mine on the southeastern side of Dinosaur Hill. They found tools used by Riggs' crew and four Apatosaurus bones (three tail chevrons and a rib segment). Location: Highway 340, South of I-70 (Fruita) The one mile scenic hiking trail goes past the location of the Apatosaurus collected in ... read more
Dinosaur Hill - Grand Junction
Dinosaur Hill - Grand Junction
Dinosaur Hill - Grand Junction

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