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April 18th 2012
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The Start
We started out the CT at Waterton Canyon on Friday afternoon. We are spotting cars for as many of the segments that we can and plan to do weekend trips until we get to Breck. Were we plan on taking a few days rest with our good friends!

Allow me to add a disclaimer.....WHEN YOU SPOT CARS...remember to bring your keys for the car at your final destination. Not that we forgot them....just a reminder 😊

So we had a two hour started at 2pm on Friday. 3 miles in I started to have foot problems. My toes were angry...good thing I hike with a Nurse. He whipped out the medical bag and flew into action. My feet were all tapped up and I began to start the trail again...This time my feet resembled something that had gone to battle and returned home.

Our first night camping was 8.1 miles in, it was an awesome experience and even an ice cold river to soak the feet.

Day 2- Feet still in war-like shape. I am usually a morning person and just can not seem to get out of the tent in the morning. Not used to

2 miles in
waking up with your body feeling like stiff cardboard, I guess. Stephen who is usually a slow mover in the morning has some kind of speed like energy in the morning and wants to hit the trail ASAP. I hope to soon learn the importance of hitting it early...something that is on my "to work on" list. The trail was filled with mountain bikers. I am not sure how I feel about sharing the path...its not wide enough and you end up jumping out of their way in fear of getting run over. So for fear of being road kill in the middle of the path I will continue to jump out of their way. I was feeling good, good speed, until lunch break. After our break my feet went downhill and so did the speed. We began contimplating our options at this point, as 40.5 miles did not seem do-able with my feet. Great life lesson for me. As a type A natural planner I had our itinerary printed out and damnit we were going to stay on schedule. But after all this was the life lesson I was trying to leave behind me. I barely made it into

Frist night
camp that night blistered toes, heels, the works! Someone once told me that blisters would be my greatest challenge. I thought to myself...who would go off the trail for blisters?? Maybe a brake, sprain, lack of food...water. But please not blisters.

We went to sleep at about 7pm that night....ok wait, I went to bed at about 7pm that night. I guess that is what happens when you have a low mile day and get to camp early. I could tell Stephen was disappointed but he handled it well. I respect him for his patience with me.

The night was cold! We woke up with frost on our tent. Hardcore! Stephen looked at me with excitement and said..."we just servived our first subzero night" as if it was something that was on my bucketlist. I smiled and said "yes we have". At that point I realized that hiking would bring alot of new experiences to my life...some that I want and some that I may not want.

Out of medical tape we decide to end our weekend excursion a few days short. No cell service and 2 days away from our spotted car..?? Stephen hiked 5 miles up a hill to get cell service to faithful friends Katie and Josh. We spent a relaxing day by the South Platte River...beachside!

Off to REI to yet throw down another few 100's on different shoes. Hiking is an expensive hobby. All and All we had a great experience and I am so excited for next time! See you after section 3!

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Mid day break

After subzero night

South Platte Beach

17th August 2012

We were super happy to save you guys that day! What a gorgeous area!!! And we would never have heard about owl poop and never let you live it down if we wouldn't have gotten to come pick you up!

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