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Published: October 27th 2018
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I am now returning to finish the blogs for our Alaska trip. I apologize for the break in action but hope to catch up now. We left off with Pike's Peak and our next adventure was seeing the sites around Colorado Springs. We hope you enjoy the photos as much as we enjoyed taking them.

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Cliff Dwelling Museum Cliff Dwelling Museum
Cliff Dwelling Museum

The Anasazi Museum was established and the cliff dwellings built starting in 1904, and were opened to the public in 1907. The museum features displays about the lives of the ancient Anasazi, including exhibits of archaeological artifacts, tools, pottery and weapons. Visitors can also walk through the ancient-style ruins outside
Anasazi peopleAnasazi people
Anasazi people

The Anasazi culture has been traced back to its beginnings around 1500 BC. The moved into the cliff dwelling mode as a means of defense. Like many early European counterparts they created their own walled cities with internal passages to be able to move from room to room. Their windows were small for protection and ladder systems were made to be raised to prevent invasion.
Cliff dwellingsCliff dwellings
Cliff dwellings

A classic reproduction which depicts the safe dwelling place of the Anasazi people. It was built on high ground to be able to see the approaching enemy. It provided a home that was a virtual fortress. Note the small windows which could be used for defense as well as ventilation.
Internal passagewaysInternal passageways
Internal passageways

I was astounded to see the internal passage ways. It took me back to Sicily and a fortress that was built there in about the same time period. It was designed where warriors could move from spot to spot within the structure without creating risk. An inferior force could appear to be stronger as they moved to multiple defensive positions within the structure. I have included a photo of the Sicilian passageways that were built thousands of miles apart at about the same time.
Castillo Euralo Siracusa SicilyCastillo Euralo Siracusa Sicily
Castillo Euralo Siracusa Sicily

When I saw the passageways in the Cliff Dwellings I was immediately struck by the similarity to this photo we shot while in Sicily. I felt there had a been a great similarity separated by a Continent. These structures have lasted for centuries.

The stone ovens we saw were also reminiscent of the wood fired ovens that we also experienced in Sicily. Having visited the ancient ones in Alaska that migrated to this continent via the land bridge over the Bering Strait it makes you wonder how much of the building skills were actually transported by those traveling between continents rather than just a sheer coincidence.
Twig built homeTwig built home
Twig built home

When we were wandering West of Colorado Springs we also came across this prototype artist built structure made of natural materials. Although very unique in design my guess is that it will not last as long as the cliff dwellings
Wildlife is Protected and aboundWildlife is Protected and abound
Wildlife is Protected and abound

We were amazed to see the amount of wildlife within the city limits in broad daylight just outside of the Broadmoor hotel. This white tailed deer appeared more curious than afraid.
Doe with TwinsDoe with Twins
Doe with Twins

When we turned the corner we found this doe with twins. They must feel very protected since they had no evidence of fear and had a great food source provided by their human counterparts.
Seven FallsSeven Falls
Seven Falls

Just west of the Broadmoor is the beautiful 7 Falls natural attraction.
Seven Falls EntrySeven Falls Entry
Seven Falls Entry

The gateway and gardens are part of the beauty of this canyon area.
Bonnie and SadieBonnie and Sadie
Bonnie and Sadie

No series would be complete without sharing a picture of my two fantastic travel partners. Bonnie and Sadie were both great travelers. Sadie never complained at all about the 12,000 mile journey that we were on this summer. She made many friends along the way and was a hit at every stop we made. She was s great conversation opener.
Seven FallsSeven Falls
Seven Falls

We took an elevator to the top to be able to get this photo. Others transversed the stairs to the left of the falls. With Bonnie's recent knee replacements we elected a bit easier process. There were folks who were actually shaking after they finished the round trip by stairs.

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