Taking your first trip after a divorce

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June 30th 2017
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Divorce is a particularly difficult process, and travel can be an excellent way to explore your new life. Here are some of the many things to keep in mind when planning your first trip:

- It's never too early to plan

Even during the divorce process, start thinking about your trip. It will motivate you to keep the process moving - and excite you a bit about your future life. According to SplitSimple, a Chicago divorce mediation firm , looking forward is key to making a healthy transition to being divorced. Times have changed, but there is still a stigma and sense of loss with any divorce. Caring for yourself means adjusting your focus toward the future, and letting go of the past. Your dream trip can be a part of that journey, and an excellent way to nurture your spirit after being through a bad marriage experience.

- Don't let a lack of money get in the way

Instead of dragging out the divorce process, be an amicable as possible. Do not let anger or hate drive you into a prolonged divorce. Instead, work out as many details as possible in as friendly a manner as you can muster. Every dollar sent to a lawyer is another dollar lost for your trip. How fast can you complete this divorce? Make it a challenge to yourself. What possessions can you let go of, after the divorce? Consider what you can sell to fund your travels - or what you can let your ex-spouse have that would just tie you down.

- Go somewhere just for you

Think about the places you couldn't travel when married. Chances are you disagreed with your former spouse about various things, or were restricted in some way when you were a couple. Now choose the destination yourself. Enjoy your new-found freedom, and make the choice entirely for yourself. Where ever will you go? What adventures await you?!

- Pamper yourself

Self-care is an important aspect of this entire trip. Don't bring the negativity of past experiences with you. Imagine letting them go with every mile traveled. Get a massage, and imagine letting go of some small injustice or rude remark from your ex-spouse as you feel each muscle loosen. These visualizations can be powerful metaphors to the deepest part of you.

- Experience the culture of your destination.

Try new things! When you are in a new place, it's easy. And this is the approach you want to be sure to take back with you. Try a new sport, a new dessert, maybe a new cocktail. Say hello to strangers. Ask for directions, and practice asking for help from other people. Once you return, these are the gifts of travel you want to bring back with you.

Your new life is waiting. It's waiting at your destination, but it's also waiting on your return. And maybe, after all of this, you don't even need to go too far from home - but travel. And live your new life! Are you ready for it?

Author's note: This post is based on an email I sent to a friend last month. She enjoyed it so much (and reads my blog), and suggested I share it with other women going through the transition of divorce.

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