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July 14th 2010
Published: July 15th 2010
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Today we were up and off for a drive to some of the beaches. Firstly we drove to Huntington Beach, it seemed like a lovely area. We didn't stop there and decided to keep driving North along the coastline for a while passing Seal Beach and then on to Long Beach. We didn't stop there though. We kept driving to where the shipping areas are. We drove over 2 large and different bridges. There were thousands of shipping containers in every direction you looked. We drove on to San Pedro and had a little look around.
We then headed back to Huntington Beach and pulled into a carpark so the girls could have a swim. Unfortunately we didn't pick our area well as it was a dog beach and was very, very busy with dogs running everywhere. The girls had a quick swim, the waves were a bit rough then it was back to the car to head back to our hotel so the girls could have a shower and rest before heading to Disneyland for the afternoon/evening. One of the things we can't get used to here is having to pay for parking EVERYWHERE. We even had to pay for parking here at the beach. In the time we have been here so far we have spent about $150 on parking....Oh well. I'm sure it's not like that everywhere.
Back at the hotel Stu and the girls had a rest while I did yesterdays blog.
When Stu woke up he musn't have been with it because he accidentally wiped all the photos off the camera thinking that I had loaded them to the computer already. Bugger!!!
We got to Disneyland at 4.00pm and decided to spend our time at Disney California Adventure Park instead of Disneyland (thought we'd save our last day in LA for Disneyland). It is still located in the same place - they are literally 100mtrs across a courtyard.
We didn't know what to expect at this park, but it did not disappoint!
We headed in and went to the Hollywood Pictures Backlot where we saw a Muppet*Vision 3D show, the girls were a bit unsure of it but it's what we grew up with so really enjoyed it. The show room was set up exactly like in the show itself. Very cool.
Next it was on to the Monsters Inc - Mike and Sulley to the Rescue Ride. Great ride and felt like you were in the movie with all the moving doors.
The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror was next on the list. Dani decided she didn't want to go on it (I was surprised), so we waited while Stu and Zav had a go. They thought it was awesome, it was the most "grown up" ride Zavanna has been on yet.
Then it was on to the "Golden State" area where they have their own winery, restaurant and even have grape vines, fig trees (yum!!!!!), citrus and goodness knows what else. We ordered 3 picnic dinners to share amongst us, there was an American, Asian and Vegetarian. Great variety for us all to share. We also got to see the parade go by whilst there. There were characters from movies like Finding Nemo, Toy Story, A Bugs Life, A Little Mermaid, Cars and Monsters Inc.
We then walked on and came across a ride the girl went on together called the Jumpin' Jellyfish. Was a little babyish for them but they still enjoyed.
Our next and one of the best rides was a 4D Toy Story Midway Mania Ride. It was worth the 1hr 20min wait! The carts we went in held 4, but were back to back. Dani and Zav went together on one side and Stu and I on the other. We went around a track where we competed against each other on carnival games like shooting targets, throwing hoops and shooting more targets. This was absolutely awesome with the full 4D effect. Definently a highly recommended must!
While we were lining up waiting to go on the ride we saw people eating a big meaty thing that we thought were ham hocks. After finishing the ride we got one and it was actually a turkey leg that tasted like ham? Was bloody delicious. See photos 😊
The last show we were on our way to was the "It's Tough to be a Bug" show, but on the way we came across the Mission Tortilla Factory where we got to see, watch and taste how they are made. Across from there was a Bakery Tour where we got to see Sourdough bread being made. YUM.
The bug show was absolutely awesome. It was another 3D show (although it was more like 4D as bugs jumped out at us and we got humanated by bugs. Fantastic show.
By now it was 10.00pm and we decided to head home. Great park.

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15th July 2010

Your trip keeps getting more interesting each day,wow, it sounds like you are finding your way around ok. Karen is a lot better today, and i,m felling good to. We don,t want to head over with the dreaded flu. '' Safe trails ''
15th July 2010

WOW!! FUN, love the mad hatters hat! I love the muppets, the theater is looks just like what was on the TV series!! xoxoxo

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