Glacier Point and the Valley

Published: June 8th 2017
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Geo: 37.7163, -119.665

We had planned to ride bikes in the Valley today but it turned out one of them had a flat (we didn't discover that until we got there ofcourse). But first, we woke up, ate breakfast and took an accounting of our injuries. Galen had blisters on both feet the size of potato chips. Anna was covered in mosquito bites. And we were all pretty damn sore. I guess it was just as well the bikes had flats.

Instead, we drove up to Glacier Point. It was one of those places I had never been (at least not to memory- probably my parents took me when I was very young) since it was so far removed from the main Valley. But we wanted to do something different, so we took the drive up out of the Valley, past Badger Pass and all the way to the top of the cliffs. I'd been reading my Death in Yosemite book I'd bought, and there was a trail I was interested in seeing if we could find the trailhead for. Apparently you can hike straight down from Glacier Point in two diagonal lines- it's not the Four Mile Trail. I think it's called The Ledge Trail. Anyway, we drove up to Glacier Point and passed snow on the way! We picnicked on a big boulder overlooking Half Dome and the Mist Trail well away from the crowds further down the road. After eating we walked around taking pictures. The scenery is stunning up that high. I definitely recommend the trip. I didn't find the Ledge Trail. Someday I DO want to hike the Four Mile Trail, though.

After that, we wandered around the Valley taking photos of the flooding. It was crazy to see the river levels so high! Also, we saw some bears at the Crane Flat gas station as we were pumping our gas.

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