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February 14th 2011
Published: February 16th 2011
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The Worldmark Clear LakeThe Worldmark Clear LakeThe Worldmark Clear Lake

Looking at our room from the far side of the resort
Since our next destination was only an hour away and we had four hours between checkout and check in, we had a very nice lazy morning. We made orange rolls for breakfast and then changed into our bathing suits. The weather completely changed between yesterday and today. The lake was covered in a thick fog and we could only see grey as far as the eye could see. When we walked into the swimming area, stream was rising in clouds from the hot tub and pools. I headed straight for the hot tub while the girls played in the wading pool. In the daylight, I could see the regular swimming pool. We were the only ones out enjoying the rain falling on us in the rain.

We checked out of our room at noon and started off on what we thought would be a very quick drive down south to Windsor. The GPS in the car told us that it was only 67 miles away. We started off fine and then the road started to twist and turn. Looking at my GPS, I could see the road doubling back two and three times until the screen was full of the
Twisty TurnsTwisty TurnsTwisty Turns

The GPS showed the curves we had up ahead and the ones we had already passed.
same pink road looping all over my screen. The views got better and better the higher we climbed and I could see a faint rainbow crowning the valley. I stopped on the side of the road several times to get pictures and left the speedy people zip past me. The ugliest part was when we reached the peak and I took a picture looking out over the gorgeous view. Then I dropped my eyes and saw the slope below me was full of garbage that people had thrown out. The ignorance of people who would do this is saddening. We don't live in a third world country that doesn't offer garbage service or public dumps, they purposely choose to pollute our precious earth with their litter.

It was close to 2pm by the time we arrived in Windsor so we decided to keep going straight on Highway 101 and head over to Bodega Bay. The last time that we were here two years ago, we had some great clam chowder at a little restaurant overlooking the bay. It took us about 45 minutes to get there and we found the restaurant right away. You have to go past all
Misty MountainsMisty MountainsMisty Mountains

We had a beautiful view once we crested the mountain tops, all mist and rainbows up there.
the resort places and head up the hill and you'll find The Boat House on your left. It shares a parking lot with Candy & Kites where we got Erika a mermaid kite on our last visit. The restaurant seems to have changed hands since the last time we were here as I don't remember a hispanic man and his daughter taking our order and preparing the food last time. The girls and I all ordered a big bowl of clam chowder in the sourdough bread bowl. José ordered the prawns which were battered and fried and served with a basket of fries. I managed to completely eat all my chowder and most of the bowl too! The girls had to get to-go boxes for their bowls and the remaining chowder.

Next we stored our leftover food in the car and walked across the parking lot to the kites store. While I was packing up for this trip, I couldn't locate Erika's kite in the house or garage anywhere. We decided to buy another one since we were here and it would be Mia's this time. We're hoping for the chance to go fly kites on the beach again while we're
The Long Awaited Chowder BowlThe Long Awaited Chowder BowlThe Long Awaited Chowder Bowl

The Boat House in Bodega Bay, only $6.25 a bowl
down here. Mia picked out a pink haired mermaid for her and I left them pick out some baggies of fresh salt water taffy too. It's fun to see flavors like pomegranate and neopolitan. As we were getting ready to pay, I saw a three ring spinner for the front yard and it was the Mexico flag, a perfect gift for José!!

We headed back to Windsor so we could check into our room. We drove around in circles for a little while trying to find a grocery store to pick up dinner fixings. I asked a customer at the gas station while I was filling up but I guess he wasn't from around here either. We found a Mexican food mart and got some steaks, milk, and eggs and juice and headed in search of the lodging. When we got there, I got suckered in at the desk and they talked me into signing up for the Worldmark presentation on Friday morning at 8:15am. In exchange for listening to them try to convince us to sign up for a membership with them, they will give us a $50 American Express gift card or a cruise with Carnival for
Candy & KitesCandy & KitesCandy & Kites

Our favorite little store to stop into and pick up goodies for the girls.
two people that has to be used within 18 months and we just have to pay the taxes. Hmm, we'll see how it goes. The cruise probably has a million strings attached if I know them. We went through the spiel when we were in Las Vegas last and we walked away with a $100 gift card and no membership.

We unloaded everything out of the car and hauled it up to our room on the 3rd floor. The funniest thing is that we are staying in the exact same room that we did 2 years ago this month. We unpacked and put all of our things away and then set off to explore the grounds. We took a shortcut through the swimming area and there was the large hot tub, a kids wading pool, and a large swimming pool and everything is heated here too! Since we had gone swimming this morning, we decided to forgo swimming again tonight. Instead we went into the community center so we could check out the pool tables, exercise room, and the video arcade. Of course, the girls wanted to play games so José gave them each two quarters to play with.
Valentine PresentsValentine PresentsValentine Presents

We got the girls new kitchen aprons for today so they had to put them on and help us cook dinner.
We'll probably come back tomorrow and they can play games while we get in our running. Then we walked back to our room to get dinner started.

José and I picked out cute little aprons for the girls as their Valentine's presents so they put them on tonight. Both girls wanted to help us cook the special dinner but they were more interested in running around and bouncing off the walls than anything. I ironed their dresses that we got them in Mexico last year because they wanted to dress up for Valentine's dinner. I shouldn't have been disappointed but I was when I went to pull the cork on my wine bottle and discovered that it was only a twist-top. Sigh, I should have been expecting that for the price, it's only a step above wine-in-a-box. Dinner was delicious and we were very happy to be spending it here surrounded by the ones we truly love.

After dinner was done, Erika washed all the dishes and loaded up the dishwasher. Then we sat around the livingroom with the fireplace burning and played a game of Spanish Bingo. Each card has the picture, word in Spanish and in
Valentine's BeautiesValentine's BeautiesValentine's Beauties

The girls wanted to dress up for Valentine's dinner so they packed their dresses that they got last year and they still fit fabulous and the girls look great too!
English so everyone in the family was able to play. Mia kept laughing her head off each time she had one of the items called on her card. It was nice to relax and play a family game. The girls are sleeping on the queen Murphy bed in the living room and José and I get to share a nice big king size bed in the living room. Here's to another fun filled day two of our vacation!

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Valentine's Dinner is ServedValentine's Dinner is Served
Valentine's Dinner is Served

José cooked up some steaks on the outside grill to go along with some vegetables and mashed potatoes and our $6 bottle of "Turn Me Sweet" wine :)

16th February 2011

lovely wine
I used to think the same thing about twist off caps for wine; they would be cheap tasting. Nope, not the case! It's getting more and more popular because there is less risk of oxygen ruining the precious wine inside. The kiwis and ausies have been doing it for a long time and the rest of the world finally seems to be catching on. Go on, enjoy that wine! besos y brazos ~ Laura

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