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January 24th 2010
Published: February 2nd 2010
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Leaving the City of Angels behind, we were now on our way through California to San Francisco. It doesn't get any better than southwest California! And we were lucky with the weather too. The road side turned from soft green hills and palm trees, to snow brushed mountain tops, to endlessly wide green planes, surrounded by a mountain panorama. We went from football field flat up to 4,000 feet. But these heights weren't the rocky, sandy hills of Arizona, Nevada and Texas. Close up we were able to see the gentle green color that just seemed to coat the earth like fleecy blankets, folding into giant creases at the bottom.
Long after dark we reached our hotel. It was described as modern and to be situated in one of the best parts of downtown SF. Of course it was in the worst part of downtown SF, where you met everyone and everything from your everyday psychopath and potential serial killer to the regular crack junkie. The elevator squealed it's way up, we never took it a second time, the doors needed a little help to open. Inside the hotel was a bit of a maze, crooked balconies with many rooms going
Hi there ;)Hi there ;)Hi there ;)

me in t-shirt!!!
off and stairs leading no where.

San Francisco we made it!!! Yes we can 😊 we have completed our road trip, our personal little adventure. And actually, the major catastrophes didn't occur. Here we are, 4,231.5 miles, 75:21 hours of driving, 23 days and many great experiences later. Strangely enough, we were kind of surprised by our success! We didn't notice until we were in the room. All of a sudden Olly said: “we made it?” yes, more of a question-mark exclamation. It's just so unbelievable, had we never thought to make it? We were also a bit sad, sad that something great was coming to an end. But we're exhausted and very very happy, so time for some wine!
“If your going to San Francisco...”

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