USA Day One

Published: April 8th 2012
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We got a cab to the airport at 8.30am, picking up Zoe en route. It took half an hour, which was fab timing and meant i had more time in the bar at T5!

After faffing about trying to find a Boots store, I didnt have much tiem for my wine, so almost ran to the Giraffew Bar, downed a galss an d ahalf of nasty Chardonnay and we had to run to get to our gate, which was a shuttle ride and 15 minute walk away.

took 2 Valium, a sleeping tablet and motion sickness tablet as we boarded and for th first time ever, fell asleep as soon as I sat in my seat. I dont remember take off anfd woke up in a slumber an hour and half into the flight, which I was delighted about.

From that point oin, I was in a drug ghaze. I was still terrifieds and on edge and spent the entire 11 hours watching the map of our journey, willing the plane to land. I didnt drink any alcoholon this flight. It was the longest flight ever.

We were thr last ones to reach customs and waites for an hour to get to the window. I was really nervous, as the application for a 6 month tourist visa has been denied and I was told I had to declare it at customs, which I did.

As I was travelling with the family, I had them to help me persuade him that I was of reputable character and let me in for 3 months...I was lucky - our charm and flirting paid off and I got in no problem.

As we were last through, our baggage was the last on the carousel, so we grabbed it and got a cab to our hotel (Aida Plaza Hotel) on Market Street, which cost $47. We had no idea how dangerous the area was and we all felt really unsafe every time we left the hotel. The hotel itself is nothing to write home about. It is 70's decor/hostel style rooms with shared toilets and showers. We get a free 'breakfast', which is a donut.

We were all exhauisted so had an hours ie down before venturing out. s we had arrived at 2pm, we had to stay awake and decided the best way to do that was with alcohol, so headed to the Grand Hyatt Hotel for a cocktail on the 37th floor, from where there are amazing views of the city and Alcatraz. We then wondered around to get our bearings and to try and find a church for mum to go to on Easter Day.

After getting some Cheetos, we were all knackered and in bed by 8.30pm.


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