Airports Suck!!!

Published: November 17th 2017
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I read a great article today about ten things that suck about airports. I found it on a website I have started to read and use called Godsavethepoints. After all, is flying not about collecting all the frequent flyer miles you can before you die? Not really, I firmly believe in using them once you reach a goal, as the miles continue to be devalued each year. Godsavethepoints has some great tips on maximizing your miles and points.

For instance, I converted some Choice hotel points to Mileage Plus (United) miles at no charge! I don't often stay at Choice, so I figured I might as well transfer the points into miles. They have many other insights into maximizing your points and miles, as well as transferring, as I did, and purchasing, which I rarely do.

So, back to the reality of some airports, primarily the older, and medium sized airports, like Reno, Vegas, San Diego, Oakland, Memphis, Louisville, Raleigh-Durham, Kalispell. . . . .you get the idea.

• Suck Number one is a pet peeve of mine. Why does the waiting area for a airplane and flight holding hundreds of people, have only FIFTY seats? This defies logic. Was it built back when all the planes held 50 people? Are seats so expensive that people have to stand or sit on the floor? So, to the airports, when you build an airport, do the math and provide room for enough seats!
• Boarding area chaos. Why can't people follow the signs and rules? The plane will not leave before they board. But they are fighting for overhead space for their carry on bags. Now the airline is equally to blame for this. They charge ridiculous checked bags fees, then expect boarding to occur seamlessly?
• Airport food is marginal at best. A few airports are starting to "get" it, with healthier options, like fruit, lighter meals, salads, and low fat meals. Of course, it does NOT get any better once you board, even in Business or First Class, unless it is Singapore Airlines.
• What is the purpose of a Customer Service desk? Everyone knows to use the smart phone or tablet to "fix" any issues regarding your upcoming flight. Notice they never have lines?
• Same airline, different terminal! Now what are they thinking, especially with 20 minutes or less for the transfer. The worst are O'Hare (Chicago), Dallas, LAX, Atlanta or Denver.
• False boarding calls are irritating. They make the announcement, then make you wait another 20 minutes to start boarding. Sick!
• Low, Styrofoam ceilings. This must have been the "go to" ceiling for airport architects. Surely, they did not all graduate from the same school. They are claustrophobic as well as depressing, especially when stained by water leaks or ??
• Overdressed passengers at the TSA Checkpoint. Don't you think by now, everyone has the general message? Limit the layers, the Sammy Davis Junior starter kits, lace up boots, and huge bags with the tablet at the bottom. And while we are at it, please wear socks!!! Next to the airplane bathroom, the floor near TSA is a cesspool.
• Why are TSA lines so long? They must know when most of the flights are leaving. Ever heard of dynamic scheduling? But I did notice they are getting stricter in European airports over the years. Duh, that's where the terrorists are, maybe?
• People who stand in the middle of moving walkways and escalators. I guess we need more signage, or I need a good NFL guard to clear a path for me. Oh, and they also walk on the wrong side of hallways and aisles! Get a clue, people!
• Alaska Airlines gets it right. Print your bag tags at home, attach them to your bag, and drop it off at clearly designated places at the airport. It can't be that difficult for the other airlines to copy this great idea.
• Sick people should not be able to board my flight! Period.
• Capsule rooms or hotels. I hope this never catches on here in the states. Quite popular in Japan and throughout Asia.
• Pay by the hour nap hotels. Again, just give me access to an airline lounge or comfortable seat in the waiting area.
• Don't you think the environmental services staff (formerly called janitorial services) would appreciate more electrical outlets? Certainly, us lowly travelers could use a free charge of our phone or tablet!
• San Francisco International, SFO to all of you, has made some great improvements. They only semi-suck now!
• I guess when you hear gunshots outside the terminal that means the airport sucks.
• I think the Kathmandu (Nepal) Airport had homeless and beggars people living in the terminal.
• And yet, we love to travel. Simply amazing!


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