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Published: July 5th 2017
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So I did not make a blog post about Phoenix because my main focus was hanging and staying with family. A lot of talking and catching g up. Made a couple trips to see grandma. Of course we did go to a baseball game and get some good Mexican food too. This time uncle bob even let me pay for something without throwing the credit card at the ice cream lady.

Then off to the adventure to San Diego. Midway in Yuma AZ we got our west coast stop at in and out burger. We looked up the secret menu and then ordered our items. Mike went with the double double animal style while I went with the 3x3. Then we all felt huge lumps in our stomach but I think that is Normal. Once we arrived in San Diego we signed into the goodnight in and mike was very excited about the 24 hour Mexican place next store he would end up visiting three. We then headed down the mission and pacific beaches. We started on north side walked about 3 miles to the rollercoaster and back. Mike and Jamie went on the coaster said it was more of a kiddie one but cool because of nostalgia. We then went back near we parked found a bar with a giant whisky margarita that I polished off as mine was downing 2 for 1 dosequis. Jamie like normal went for the water. We all had some great Mexican food. We then found a bar mike and I had visited 9 years ago and had to have a beer. Jamie then did her driving duties and went to bed. Of course mike needed to hit up the 24 hour Mexican joint and I took a walk but for my insides benefit skipped on this one.

Day two started by me dropping jamie and mike off at the the beach. I went to take a few pictures in La Jolla mainly to make sure my camera was working all good for the parks and canyons later in the trip. Once I picked them up we then spent several hours at ballist point brewery. We then drove around looking st possible diner and firework watching places but ultimately decided to eat at the 24 7 Mexican place much to likes excitement. We then went to an amazing ice cream place much to Jamie's delight that had flights of ice cream. Finally we had a great view of multiple fireworks from our hotel.

This morning mike had the Mexican place one last time as we set off from Las Vegas.

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