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Most everyone knows about the famous nude beach here in San Diego. Black's Beach is a legend of sorts. Besides it notoriety as a nude beach, it also sits near famous Torrey Pines Golf Course. But there might be more to this famous beach than meets the naked eye.

First, Black's Beach is named after the thoroughbred horse breeding Black family. But the land was later sold, subdivided, and became La Jolla Farms. Black's Beach did not become a mecca for surfing until the Sixties.

There are multiple routes to the beach, none very easy. Most require rock scrambling and a steep descent or climb. I would assume then, that getting there might best be accomplished while fully clothed, and wearing good shoes.

The trail, as I mentioned is rather treacherous. So, leave it to the surfer's to "rename" it, fondly as the Ho Chi Minh Trail, after the famous trail in Vietnam. In that same vein, the trial and stairs are maintained by Black's Beach Bares, a clothing optional advocacy group. They do their best to keep the trial safe, despite any restrictions of the San Diego Municipal Code.

Most people do not know Black's has two section, north and south. North is owned by the state parks and is still clothing optional. South is owned by the city of San Diego, and is no longer clothing optional. Needless to say, I prefer the north! About the best feature of the south is a view of the famous Salk Mansion.

I know many of my readers were hoping for more revealing photos. But this is a mostly PG rated email. So, if you want more, just google Black's Beach in San Diego.

While I did not visit Black's Beach on this trip, I have been there! And I have been to the numerous nude beaches in Europe. There must be an unwritten rule: you must be in good shape and very attractive!!!

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