Crafty, Drafty Beer

Published: August 3rd 2020
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Speaking of alcohol consumption, here is something we are proud of here in California. As interest in craft beer has risen, so have the number of successful small breweries. In 2019, there were more than 8,000 craft breweries in the United States. California has the most with 907 breweries, more than doubling second place Colorado, which has 425. Runners-up like New York, Washington, and Pennsylvania better hop to it if they want to challenge California’s craft brewery numbers. Last year, California produced 3.6 million barrels of craft beer — roughly 4 gallons per every Californian of legal drinking age.

The top craft beer seller in the U.S. is Yuengling, followed by Boston Beer and Sierra Nevada. My personal favorite is the 805 by Firestone-Walker over in Paso Robles, CA. They have a great tasting room with a big cafe, and outdoor seating for Lexi.

Did you know? Hops are poisonous to dogs! Malt content influences beer color. The word "hefe" in German means yeast. Frosty glasses cause foaming. President Obama was a home brewer. The standard growler is 64 ounces. Craft breweries (pre-pandemic) provided 424,000 jobs in the US. Beer makes a good marinade for meat, especially tougher cuts. Czechs are the thirstiest people in the world, consuming 148.6 liters per person per year (418 12 ounce bottles!).Store your beer upright, and out of direct light. Cenosillicaphobia is the fear of an empty glass! Yeast can only survive in alcohol concentrations of 14 to 18%. The first professional brewers were women! You can use beer to shine up old copper items.

The definition of craft beer is simply a beer made by a brewer who is small, independent, and traditional. There are exceptions, I am told. The Blue Moon brand is the top selling craft beer in the U.S. Close behind is Samuel Adams, followed by Sierra Nevada. Some other favorites are Lagunitas, Shiner, New Belgium, Goose Island, Shock Top, and Stone. Where is my 805?

Bottom line, craft beer makes up 24% of the beer sales ($114 billion) in this country. As of October, 2019, there were over 1000 craft breweries in California. And 95% of Californians live within 10 miles of a brewery! In 2018, craft beer contributed over $906 million in state and local taxes. Whatever you do, at least try one, even if you are a diehard Bud or Coors person. That applies to you, my brother Bob!


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