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North America » United States » California » Paso Robles April 24th 2010

This post is for April 20th-24th. The 20th was my last day in San Diego before I would head to the first farm. JK and I went to a session of yoga - my first class session, it was pretty intense even though it was a level 1 class, plenty of sweating - yoga isn't to be underestimated. Afterwards we went to a nice inexpensive and satisfying Indian type restaurant, then bought some work boots and other things getting ready to start some work. I got to the first farm on the evening of April 20th. It wasn't really what I expected and was told from communication with the owner, it didn't work out and unfortunately I didn't get a chance to take pictures, nice area. I left on the 23rd in the afternoon then decided ... read more
Pacific Beach

North America » United States » California » Paso Robles November 28th 2008

Paso Robles, 31-10-2002. By the time I wake up all the mexican neighbors in my motel have long since left in trucks and cars, back to working the fields of olive trees, the orange groves and plum orchards, the agriculture the San Joaquin Valley is famous for. I start my day with some easy and relaxed cycling being fully aware that the total flatness of the valley is disappearing fast under the wheels of my steel lady, the cr*ppy old bicycle that I bought in a second-hand shop in San Diego. Though my belly is protesting loudly "I need food now!" , I keep going on untill the tiny settlement of Avanal where I have breakfast in a small truck stop. No pretty young waitress here but instead an old hag that glares at me with ... read more

I found out this morning that we actually stayed in a town called Paso Robles, California last night. The girls showered in the motor home last night so we let them sleep late while we packed up and headed towards the Hearst Castle. Tim pulled into the Chevron to fill up the Coachman as I walked over to McDonald's to get some breakfast and coffee. I discovered that McDonald's has these new cinnamon rolls that are to die for !! We made our way on down Highway 101 and about 45 minutes later I woke the girls so they could eat and get dressed. Once we arrived at the Castle, the four of us went inside to purchase our tickets. The nice lady at the counter gave Tim the total and as he reached for his ... read more
Waiting, Waiting, & Waiting !
View of the Hearst Land
Are We There Yet ?

Monday brought more clear warm weather, and after a little campsite blogging, the days plan reformulated. A brake lever was waiting for me at a Honda dealer near San Francisco, but rather than ride up the coast that day, the Central Coast region beckoned further exploration. The plan was to loop inland over the Santa Lucia coast range, run north a ways through wine country, and cross back over the range to the ocean. A 30 mile southbound run on the Pacific Coast Highway would finish the loop back to camp. The loop comprised about 150 miles. My route up and over the range followed the slow, tight and rough Santa Rosa Creek Road, passing through a remarkable green and flower covered landscape. This led to Hwy 46, the main cross-range arterial into Paso Robles. From ... read more
Climbing up from the Coast
Slow and Twisty

I suppose this is where I am meant to introduce myself, but those of you who know me would find that boring. Those of you who don't know me wouldnt believe me anyways. Welcome to the premier edition of my Travel Blog. Please sit back, kick your feet up, pop a cork, and read on. I was doing my daily research in preperation for Turkey after getting home from work today. I was looking at the Colossus of Rhodes (one of the seven wonders of the ancient world) and to my surprise and dismay, I found very little information on it. This huge statue was only in existence for 56 years, until it was ruined by an earthquake- however it was monumental enough to become a *wonder* and yet, there is no real information on it. ... read more

Writing this in a public library in a town called Paso Robles, so again no pictures... Well we arrived in LAX (Los angeles airport) and eventually got through the US security, it wasn't that they were particularly stringent, just incredibly unorganised...We had a mad taxi ride for nearly an hour to get to the depot where we were picking up our motorhome (or RV as everyone calls them) and that was us on the road.... We decided just to go to the nearest RV park, and then were able to explore Holywood the next day. LA is all freeways, six lane highways and busy traffic, but we eventually negotiated our RV through it all to be able to park up in Hollywood where we witnessed almost the last day of the Hollywood sign, the hill ... read more
Bush fires following us from Australia
Iconic and Absurd
There are over 2000 Stars

North America » United States » California » Paso Robles September 20th 2006

During the early phase of creating freeway systems, Cal Trans learned their mistakes in freeway design from the Pasadena Freeway and for many years designed and maintained fantastic systems, that were user friendly. Ah not so now, what we faced was a jumbled mess of lanes, off ramps, clover leafs and a huge amount of commuter frustration. As you exit the bridge you are in the town of Raymond and soon see signs for Burkley and Oakland which are either merge to the right and then immediately exit on the left or take the middle and then either extreme right or left. Now we did not program the GPS and opted to use the map, I don’’t know if it would have been easier to use the GPS but the time allowed to make these route ... read more

Just 135 miles north of Santa Barbara on CA 101 is the charming town of Paso Robles, pop. 28,000. We stayed at Wine Country RV Resort, right smack in the middle of 100 vineyards and tasting rooms - kind of like a Disneyland for wine lovers. The Central Coast is the third largest wine producing area of California. One can’t drive down too many rural roads without seeing wineries, olive oil tasting rooms, and organic farms. The wine selections here are very good, much better than other places we’ve visited so far. Our “wine cellar” is well stocked. We visited Hearst Castle, near the coast at San Simeon, south of Big Sur. Cute little place with 3 guest houses, the smallest of which is 4,000 sq. ft. There are two small swimming pools, indoor @ 200,000 ... read more
Neptune Pool
Roman Pool
Guest House

North America » United States » California » Paso Robles February 9th 2006

California Wine Country Event Last year we took a wine country tour through central California, but the thing is we don’t drink. The footage of the rolling hills and lovely climate enticed us to take a visit out to Wine Country to see how beautiful it can get. I booked a stay at a Paso Robles Bed and Breakfast called Villa Toscana. With only 8 suites, there’s lots of privacy and a sense of being at home. The suites are luxurious with great views of the wine country, kitchenettes, and a fireplace. Each morning we headed out on bikes to local vegan restaurants and had our breakfast. Then we would just bike the long roads and hangout under the trees. Central California is really nice and the Bed and Breakfast helped make ... read more

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