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North America » United States » California » Paso Robles October 18th 2016

Got up this morning to a very icy car and -4 degrees! Very cold and the altitude has played up a bit with us all, on the road again to Las Vegas. The time passes quickly as scenery is stunning. Arrived Vegas around lunchtime and booked into our accom at the Hilton Vacation Club on the strip, great two bedroom apartment and able to walk almost anywhere. First night here spent happy hour at The Stratosphere on the 40 something floor looking right down the strip, great views! Then onto Fremont Street which is always good for entertainment, people gazing and the zip line through the main street is great to watch too! Too many drinks and a very late night, cab back to Hilton around 2.00a.m. Boys went out to Hoover Dam for a few ... read more

North America » United States » California » Paso Robles October 2nd 2016

Obviously this blog wasn't kept up to date as planned. Still, it was important to me that I finish it, even two weeks post-return. There's so much more that happened, but a blog isn't supposed to be a book. Roger took a lot of pictures. They've all been uploaded here: Someday the gallery will be thinned out. Also, a lot of the pictures used in the blog were not taken by either of us. It's funny how often you don't take your own pictures. I hope there's some entertainment value, should you chose to read the posts. Haste Ye Back!... read more

North America » United States » California » Paso Robles September 16th 2016

We were up before 6:00am. Once dressed the suitcases were zipped closed and placed near the door. Our cups were washed and put away. Everything was straightened and presentable. A note and both sets of keys were left for Ross, and an entry was made in the guestbook. Our car arrived a bit before 7:00am. A last check through the apartment and I stepped out the apartment door to descend the 40 concave stairs to the ground floor. Roger was already outside with our driver. Luggage loaded and off we went. The driver was a very pleasant man. He must have told us three times how small the Edinburgh Airport is. Not compared to our local regional airport. There is no drop off area in from of the terminal, but he got us as close as ... read more
British Airways Lounge
LHR Shuttle Bus
Lounge Heathrow

North America » United States » California » Paso Robles August 28th 2016

we start our adventure. It's always hectic getting packed and otherwise prepped for an extended trip. Today is taking care of all the last minute details. British Airways won't let us check-in for the long flights. "Proceed to the airport." So there's a bit of frustration along with the excitement that this is really happening. There's still quite a bit to do, so I'll close for now, with the plan to update this site after we've boarded our boat tomorrow night. And away we go . . .... read more

Paso Robles is an amazing place to visit. The scenery is unbelievable with green rolling hills and wineries everywhere. It is located on Highway 101 North of San Luis Obispo. The RV park we stayed in was called Vine RV and was beautiful and had a great hot tub and two pools. We used it as a home base as we explored the Central Coast of California. The first day we drove up 101 to Monterey and went to the Aquarium. It was very interesting. From there we went on to Carmel-By-The-Sea. It was crazy busy so we did not do any walking around but drove around and got the feel of the unique place. After a stop at the Mission for some history of the place we headed on down Highway 1. What a drive ... read more
Monterey Aquarium
Carmel Mission

Geo: 35.6266, -120.6915/22/12 – Well, after 10 days on the road we are getting smarter, and I wish we had know before we left what we know now, because I would have packed a lot fewer clothes. Many of the hotels we have stayed in have laundries. This morning I did two loads of wash in a couple of hours. We could have left the big suitcases at home. Live and learn. Next time we are traveling light!So today was a day for wining. After lunch we headed out to an area in Paso Robles where there is an abundance of Mom and Pop operations. It is always fun to talk to the owners or members of the family, while tasting their wines. We drove through miles of vineyards, which are always very picturesque. The vines ... read more
Maloy Oneil Winery
Maloy Oneil Vinyard
Maloy Oneil fields

Geo: 35.6266, -120.6915/21/12 – Today was a fun-filled day, and I say that with tongue in cheek. As you read on, you will understand why. We left Bakersfield at 8:30 AM and headed for Paso Robles. Again, the Trip Tic and the Garmin had a disagreement and we decided to go with the Garmin. It is easier to have someone tell you when to turn than have to figure it out on your own. Saves a lot of arguments, too. LOLGetting to I-5 took us through Bakersfield and we got to see more of the city than just the Best Western and Mexicali Restaurant. Our trip was only 2 hours long, but it took us through some interesting countryside. We had to stop to take photos of a massive oil field with hundreds of oil well ... read more
Oil Wells
More Oil Wells
Road to Paso Robles

North America » United States » California » Paso Robles April 24th 2010

This post is for April 20th-24th. The 20th was my last day in San Diego before I would head to the first farm. JK and I went to a session of yoga - my first class session, it was pretty intense even though it was a level 1 class, plenty of sweating - yoga isn't to be underestimated. Afterwards we went to a nice inexpensive and satisfying Indian type restaurant, then bought some work boots and other things getting ready to start some work. I got to the first farm on the evening of April 20th. It wasn't really what I expected and was told from communication with the owner, it didn't work out and unfortunately I didn't get a chance to take pictures, nice area. I left on the 23rd in the afternoon then decided ... read more
Pacific Beach

North America » United States » California » Paso Robles November 28th 2008

Paso Robles, 31-10-2002. By the time I wake up all the mexican neighbors in my motel have long since left in trucks and cars, back to working the fields of olive trees, the orange groves and plum orchards, the agriculture the San Joaquin Valley is famous for. I start my day with some easy and relaxed cycling being fully aware that the total flatness of the valley is disappearing fast under the wheels of my steel lady, the cr*ppy old bicycle that I bought in a second-hand shop in San Diego. Though my belly is protesting loudly "I need food now!" , I keep going on untill the tiny settlement of Avanal where I have breakfast in a small truck stop. No pretty young waitress here but instead an old hag that glares at me with ... read more

I found out this morning that we actually stayed in a town called Paso Robles, California last night. The girls showered in the motor home last night so we let them sleep late while we packed up and headed towards the Hearst Castle. Tim pulled into the Chevron to fill up the Coachman as I walked over to McDonald's to get some breakfast and coffee. I discovered that McDonald's has these new cinnamon rolls that are to die for !! We made our way on down Highway 101 and about 45 minutes later I woke the girls so they could eat and get dressed. Once we arrived at the Castle, the four of us went inside to purchase our tickets. The nice lady at the counter gave Tim the total and as he reached for his ... read more
Waiting, Waiting, & Waiting !
View of the Hearst Land
Are We There Yet ?

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