Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Published: May 6th 2011
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Happy Cinco De Mayo. Ed and I got engaged on a beach in Monterey today 14 or 15 years ago. I’m not good at keeping track of the years.

OK, so those of you who know me, know that I might occasionally embellish a story or two, but only when it is really necessary. Like at a boring family dinner, or when the conversation at a party is really dull. But this isn’t one of those situations. This story is 100% true. I woke up at 6:20am. Our room here gets light as soon as the sun comes up, so I am always awake really early. I look over at Ed, and he has his hands clasped in his golf grip and is moving his hands back and forth like he is hitting a golf ball. Completely asleep. And completely true!

It is so hot here. Another 103 degree day. It is amazing that the heat kills me and energizes Ed. Had an excellent morning drinking coffee and watching pointless tv. Have you seen this show The Doctors? It is like a show of sound bites and commercials. Today’s topic: very obvious things you already know about food. Such as ice cream with maple syrup and bacon isn’t healthy. You shouldn’t leave sushi at room temperature for long periods of time because bacterial will grow on raw fish. Salad dressing has a lot of calories. My personal favourite piece of advice: when possible, grow and catch/kill your own food. Excellent. Get me a gun.

Here is a picture of how I spent my day. Very nice afternoon. Ed went golfing. Speed golfing. 18 holes in Eagle Falls in 2 hours and 15 minutes. Why so fast you ask? Perhaps because when it is 103 degrees, there aren’t many people on the golf course. Perhaps there aren’t any people on the golf course!

When Ed got home from golfing I was in the pool doing my self-designed aquabics program. I am trying to exercise every day, and the running in the extreme heat isn’t a good idea for me. So on the really hot days I do aquabics. At one point I look up and Ed is bent over the hot tub killing himself laughing at my routine. One more incident of Ed laughing at my expense and I’m taking the blog gloves off. Here’s hoping it doesn’t get really ugly.

Went to the street fair for dinner. It was still so hot! 9pm and it’s 98 degrees. I realize that I am weather obsessed. I have added a Palm Springs weather app to my phone so I can check the temperature 12 times a day. Finally some street meat. We had tacos. Then Ed had a gyros and I had lemonade. This is the fire truck that is raising money for cancer research. You can make a donation and sign the truck. Great idea!

The street fair is full of people you don’t want to know. People who give you dirty looks if they think you are trying to get ahead of them in line. People who think that everyone wants to see their dog. People who wear runners and socks with skirts. People who scream into their cell phone so everyone gets to hear their hilarious conversation. And then people like us, who don’t like people.

We walked the whole street, and no one was selling cake! I have had such a craving for baked goods lately. I’m looking for a good spice cake, or even chocolate. One of the problems here is that all nutritional information must be posted if it isn’t on the package. So on the Starbuck price board are all the calories! How is a person supposed to enjoy a treat when you can see the calories? No cake anywhere at the street fair, so we got a bag of giant cookies. As we are driving home, I eat cookie #1. I am about half way thru cookie #2 when Ed says ‘no one could eat more than one of those cookies’. Now I have to make a decision. Completely eat cookie #2 and pretend that I only ate one? Stop eating and reconsider my definition of portion size? Be honest and announce that I’m already on cookie #2? Really? It’s been 14 or 15 years. Announce that I’m on cookie #2. And keep eating.


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