The Plane Will Take Off Tomorrow!!!

Published: August 17th 2012
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Departure day has arrived! Obviously I spent far too long at war with the weight of my suitcase. I tell you, it is NOT POSSIBLE to pack 15 pounds of course books plus all of your clothes and things for a whole month UNDER 50 lbs. It's insanity. There were almost tears. I threatened death upon the course materials and their printer. But we all came through alive (thankfully...though, the print shop should keep their guard up).

Unfortunately, no pictures or playlist shall be posted at this time. It's currently 10 PM, and I need to be awake and semi coherent at 5 AM - hence the brevity of this post. Ah, the joys of segmented international travel at 10 AM. All in all, I will be in transit for basically an entire day and will definitely be both slap-happy and delirious come landing time. (Sorry, Vivi!) My gloriously wonderful friend, Viviane, is allowing me to crash at her place in Dachau (the site of the most notorious Nazi death camp, as I was made aware today), and will be picking me up at the airport (see, Mom, no worries!). We will also be meeting up with my friend Valentina who has been living in Bamburg and studying German. It'll be basically a walking, talking Benetton ad. Enjoying that visual? You should.

Two things that make me irrationally excited for Italy: (1) it is the birthplace of Nutella, (2) it is the birthplace of limoncello. As my homemade version of limoncello didn't make the last round of suitcase cuts (48.5 lbs, thankyouverymuch), I will be buying someone else's homemade brew there.

And now, my dear readership of me, myself, and I, it is high time I zonked out, so that my legs can reap their revenge upon me for running this morning.

Also, Guten Tag, Deutschland!!!!


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