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North America » United States » California » Napa Valley February 24th 2020

I read this interesting little tidbit about alcohol consumption: ... read more
Pure malts, love them!

North America » United States » California » Napa Valley August 5th 2019

I hope I am not the only sparkling wine fan out there in wine land. We continue to throw facts at you until something sticks: The United States ranks second among export markets for Champagne. Only the United Kingdom is a larger export market for Champagne. Champagne sales in the U.S. have increased for six years in a row. Last year, we drank 23.7 million bottles and spent $652 million on France’s finest bubbly. ​“Bubbles are emptiness, non-liquid, a tiny cloud shielding a mathematical singularity. Born from chance, a violent and brief life ending in the union with the nearly infinite.” -a university type, who obviously has a different perception of bubbles than you or me!!! Approximate number of millions (500!!!!!) of bottles of Prosecco DOC produced from last year’s harvest according to Drinks Business. That’s ... read more
The Domaine Carneros brut rose'
Love those bubbles
And the cellars

Some facts about rose' wines, and brut rose' sparkling wines: France leads global production of rosé with over 193 million gallons produced in 2015, according to the Organization of Vine and Wine (OIV) and the Provence Wine Council (CIVP). France is not only the largest producer, but also the largest consumer by volume and the largest exporter of rosé wines! Spain (123.2 million gallons), the U.S. (96.2 million gallons), and Italy (58 million gallons) are the other leading rosé producers. I put white zin in this email as well: Many significant wine related events happened globally in 1973, but the creation of white zinfandel wasn’t among them. California’s Sutter Home actually introduced white zin the year before–in 1972. It wasn’t until 1975, however, that white zinfandel became the sweetish wine it is today. In that year, ... read more
Scharffenberger rocks!
Lanson is one of my favorites.
Moet is a fav too!

I have been a sparkling wine/champagne drinker for about ten years. I love both, have visited both, and hope you will try some sparkling on your next occasion. The popular story is that a Benedictine monk named Dom Pérignon invented sparkling wine. He was trying to eliminate the unwanted bubbles that occurred sometimes in wine and turned the bottles into ticking time bombs. He found that the uniquely shaped, thicker bottles used by the English to transport wine could also withstand the pressure of the gas. So he didn't invent champagne (many say an English scientist first recorded the method), but he did help make it the drink we know today. Champagne is made from the juice of three grapes: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier. Chardonnay adds lightness, Pinot Meunier contributes fruitiness while Pinot Noir ... read more
Chandon in Yountville is a great visit.
A cremant is a good change of pace!

North America » United States » California » Napa Valley April 22nd 2019

California bubbly can’t be called Champagne, because Champagne is a geographic designation — it’s a region in northeast France. But most sparkling wine in California is made in the “Champagne method,” known across the pond as the méthode Champenoise. What makes the Champagne method (also sometimes called the “traditional method”) different from other methods of making fizzy wine? Essentially, this process is characterized by a secondary fermentation that occurs in the bottle. A wine is bottled after its primary fermentation, and then, over the course of several years, a series of complicated events — including little yeast additions, extensive aging, very careful rotations of the bottles, and a final addition of sugary wine — is inflicted on each bottle individually. The result tends to be a rich variety of flavors and ... read more
Love their brut rose'
Sparkly sampler is my fav tasting

Wednesday March 1, 2017 As I said yesterday "wine related it will be". I had never imagined how much wine it would be. Not that we drank a lot, but being in Napa Valley, everything seems to gear around wine. Wineries and wine tasting opportunities all over the place. Really impressive!! It had one major drawback nevertheless, finding a good cup of coffee is difficult. The only wine tasting we participated in was in a real medieval castle "castello di amaroso" in the town of Calistoga. Very interesting and very well done. It was built by the owners of The Castello winery in 1993, using raw materials brought from Europe. The rest of the day we toured around and finally ended up n Sonoma, apparently the hart of the Napa Valley. In line what we did ... read more

North America » United States » California » Napa Valley February 28th 2017

Tuesday February 28, 2017 We started again where we had left off, sort off that is. Our world tour was interrupted last year in New Zealand and we traveled back to the US, where we ended up spending time in the area of Los Angeles. Now we have started again, but did so in San Fransciso. A very early rise to get the "red eye" flight at 7.30 out of Miami to San Francisco, which meant that we had to get up at 4.45. "What do you mean vacation?" We went of to a bad start, leaving home and entering the highway, a simple question brought a brief spel of panic: "Did you bring the passports?" You guesed the answer: they were in my backpack sitting on the couch at home. Luckily the question was popped ... read more

North America » United States » California » Napa Valley December 18th 2016

Napa Valley Wine Tasting This is a guide a created based on our many adventures in Napa for a weekend getaway. My in-laws live in San Jose so it's very convenient. Stay at Best Western Plus Inn At The Vines (Closest Airport Oakland international 39 miles). Great location in town with nice rooms and a jacuzzi. Save your money for food and beverage. Here are three possible Wine Tasting Day trips for the Napa Area. The wineries and eateries tend to be near lots of other options so feel free to deviate. Drinking water and eating food are not optional if you wish to survive. Day 1 - Silverado Trail Leave early 8:30am - Breakfast at the Napa General Store (540 Main St.) 8-6, located on the Napa River As you head north on the ... read more

North America » United States » California » Napa Valley March 22nd 2016

Geo: 38.2992, -122.285We had stayed a day longer in Reno than planned and we were getting differing reports as to whether or not a recent dump of snow had melted to the point that the drive through the Sierra Nevada Mountains would be trouble-free. DH has been doing the vast majority of the driving and was not particularly motivated to drive on ice especially since our near term destination was somewhat underwhelming for us- the off-season wine country of Napa Valley (and neither one of us would know a Chardonnay from a Sauvignon Blanc, although I have mastered the red vs white taste test). When I casually mentioned that an interim stop was going to be The Jelly Belly jelly bean factory, she had a re-think and left me to handle the bags as she quickly ... read more
Road To Lake Tahoe
Road To Lake Tahoe
Road To Lake Tahoe

North America » United States » California » Napa Valley December 12th 2015

R: Our next plan was to head to Yosemite national park - but it wasn't to be, the national weather service reported a winter storm coming in with several feet of snow forecast overnight the night we were planning to stay, so we decided to make a tactical detour and stay near the coast. From Fresno we headed to Napa - we were going to come here anyway, but decided to extend our stay. Napa is wine country, so we headed for the wine welcome centre to discover more. From there you can buy a pass which you can use for a tasting in 12 winery shops in downtown Napa, which ranged from a single taster, up to 6 different pours - and the size of these depended on the generosity of the bar tender. So ... read more
Christmas lights spectacular
A matter of importance in Napa
Napa Downtown

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