Bike to Lover's Point on Pacific Coastal Trail

Published: June 21st 2017
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Geo: 36.5976, -121.897

Up and went down to the harbor to see what we could see. Went to the Deli again for breakfast but
owner was not in a very good mood because he came and told Robert he did not like our cords spread out everywhere and we could leave, so we did.

Decided to rent bikes...had looked at renting kayaks but they were sit on top and there was a breeze
and so decided the bikes would be the better option. It was a beautiful day to ride and we headed up toward Lover's Point stopping along the way to enjoy the view.

One of the interesting things we saw while we were bicycling were the fishing boats that were out in the bay. They seemed to be crowded together but seemed to be working out ok. We were stopped watching them when a guy came up and told us they were fishing for anchovies and his cousin was the best of the captain's out there. The boat would play out a long net with weights along the side and then go in circles until they then began bringing in the nets. It was a long process and then they would lift the full net onto the boat and cull their catch. What a process.

From there we headed back and went down past the rental place and over near where the local wharfs are. Back to the rental place where we turned in the bikes and headed back up to our camp. Decided to stay in for the evening and fixed
the Indian food quick dishes we had bought along with a side salad and called it an early evening.

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