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December 27th 2009
Published: December 28th 2009
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I just had another amazing day filled with adventures and great personal isights into life. I was somewhat disturbed to find that it rained over night and the day looked gloomy and damp. However, as soon as I got on the road at 8 AM, the sky got brighter and I knew that I am off to a great start.

My first stop was in Cambria to get some gas. I was amazed what a nice little charming town Cambria was--I would not mind to return to it in the future. My second stop was a Whale Watcher Cafe where I had breakfast. Next I checked out a couple campsites where I stayed before and noticed that the fee is only $22 as opposed to $35 in the summer. My third stop was at Camaldoli Hermitage--a monastery high in cloud shrouded mountains raising above the coast pounded by winter surf. It was my luck that I arrived just as the Sunday Mass started. I was very impressed with the sermon which was delivered by the head monk (in my judgement). He demonstrated a level and complexity of thinking not often found in sermons. For example, at one point he was grappling with the issue of selfless acts. He was acknowledging that sometimes we might help others only because we want to get the psychological satisfaction of being valued and needed by another person... I really wish my friend Ryan was there to experience the peace of the monastery and the quality of the sermon--I know he would really appreciate them. All during the sermon I was scribbling notes and ideas on a cheap note pad I picked up at the hotel. I was just flooded with insights and ideas during the sermon and throughout the day.

The other amazing moment of the day was seeing elephant seals on the shore in Big Sur. I assume that the raging surf was bothering them so they were just laying on the beach right next to the road. I dared to come to one big fellah as close as 2 or 3 yards.

The rest of the day was spent mostly driving to Monterey and then on to San Francisco where I met up with Andy and his staff for dinner. We are staying at a very nice hotel--they have gym, spa, basketball courts, and don't even allow self-parking--valet only...

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An AngelAn Angel
An Angel

I sun was bothering my eyes so I just closed them for the picture... Isn't that interesting?
An InscriptionAn Inscription
An Inscription

An inscription on the entrance to Henry Miller library.

29th December 2009

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I enjoyed reading your travel blog. May you find what you're searching for....When you come back to San Pedro, hopefully, you'll have some insights that will help you in the "path" that you plan to choose. Continue blogging. I find your blog posts interesting and entertaining.

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