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4th January 2010

No picture to document your entry? I hope you'll take at least a shot to document your walk in the park.
From Blog: Bellingham, WA
29th December 2009

Continue blogging
I enjoyed reading your travel blog. May you find what you're searching for....When you come back to San Pedro, hopefully, you'll have some insights that will help you in the "path" that you plan to choose. Continue blogging. I find your blog posts interesting and entertaining.
28th December 2009

It could be everything or could be nothing...
I believe traveling with a close friend or even in a group could be even more powerful than traveling alone but it could also be worse... It only takes one person to be negative or overly stubborn and the trip could suffer major setbacks. However, if the travelers are able to interact harmoniously, it could be an awesome experience.
From Blog: The First Day
27th December 2009

solo travel advantage
I never looked at traveling as a new beginning in life. This certainly raises some questions. Can you achieve the same spiritual feelings when you travel with a group?
From Blog: The First Day

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